What Is A Woman? Here’s What Snapchat’s New AI Chatbot Thinks

 My AI, a chatbot created by social media platform Snapchat, is one of several artificial intelligence tools that noticeably lean leftward with respect to political and social views, especially those related to the LGBTQ movement.

The Daily Wire recently asked ChatGPT, an AI language processing system that has possibly become the fastest-growing internet product in history, several questions about radical gender theory similar to those which Daily Wire host Matt Walsh posed to college professors, transgender activists, and medical doctors in his blockbuster documentary “What Is a Woman?” ChatGPT broadly accepted the tenets of radical gender theory even as the system attempted to offer some degree of nuance and leave room for traditional views.

The AI tool developed by Snapchat, an instant messaging platform targeted toward young users, meanwhile offered considerably stronger endorsements of transgenderism and pointed toward organizations which contend that minors should be able to receive hormone treatments, puberty blockers, and so-called sex change operations.

Daily Wire: What is a woman?

My AI: Hmm, that’s a pretty broad question. Can you be more specific?

Daily Wire: What is the definition of the term “woman”?

My AI: A woman is an adult female human.

The description of a “woman” as an “adult human female” is the same definition human civilizations have affirmed since the dawn of time and the same definition Walsh cites as he challenges gender ideology proponents on their core assertions. My AI appears to hold the same view at first glance, but additional questioning indicated otherwise.

Daily Wire: Can a man become a woman?

My AI: Yes, a man can become a woman through gender transition, which may involve hormone therapy, surgery, and other medical procedures. However, it’s important to respect an individual’s gender identity and the pronouns they use.

The answer offered by My AI was more succinct than the answer offered by ChatGPT but similar with respect to the level of endorsement for radical gender theory. Both systems also admitted to some extent that a self-identified transgender individual cannot change his biology.

Daily Wire: Can a biological man become a biological woman?

My AI: Through gender transition, a person assigned male at birth can undergo hormone therapy and surgery to alter their physical appearance and characteristics to match those of a female. However, they cannot change their reproductive organs.

On the issue of transgender-identified males competing in sports leagues meant for females, ChatGPT said that the topic was “complex and controversial” with “valid arguments on both sides.” My AI, however, advanced a full-throated assertion that males should be permitted to compete in female sports leagues provided their testosterone levels are in line with female competitors.

Daily Wire: Should transgender females compete in women’s sports?

My AI: Transgender females should be allowed to compete in women’s sports, as long as they have been on hormone therapy for a certain amount of time to reduce their testosterone levels to a level consistent with cisgender women. It’s important to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all athletes.

As other conservative commentators have noted in recent weeks, the most concerning aspect of the responses from My AI has been the system’s willingness to exclusively direct young users toward resources which claim that minors should be able to receive so-called sex change procedures. The Trevor Project believes that childhood transition is the only way to prevent suicide for gender dysphoric young people, while the Human Rights Campaign is the largest LGBTQ lobbying entity in the United States. My AI declined to offer any alternative resources.

Daily Wire: I think I might be transgender. What should I do?

My AI: If you’re questioning your gender identity, it’s important to talk to someone you trust about your feelings. You could consider speaking with a therapist or counselor who has experience working with transgender individuals. They can help you explore your gender identity and provide guidance and support.

Daily Wire: Do you have any resources that could help me determine whether I am transgender?

My AI: There are many resources available to help you explore your gender identity. The Trevor Project is an organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth, including a hotline and online chat. The Human Rights Campaign is another organization that provides information and resources for the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, speaking with a therapist or counselor who has experience working with transgender individuals can be helpful in exploring your gender identity.

Daily Wire: Do you have any resources for groups that do not support sex change procedures for minors?

My AI: As a virtual friend, I do not have any resources to groups that reject sex change procedures for minors. However, I would encourage you to seek out credible sources of information on this topic and consider the perspectives of both those who support and those who reject sex change procedures for minors. It’s important to make informed decisions based on accurate information and to respect the rights and autonomy of all individuals, including minors.

The affirmation of radical gender theory from Snapchat comes as lawmakers seek to codify prohibitions on sex change procedures for children, noting the lifelong harm and irreversible damage such operations render. Social media has often been identified as a vector through which children and teenagers gain exposure to the tenets of the LGBTQ movement and start to question their gender identity or sexual orientation.

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