Weight loss injection Ozempic causing users to literally “sh#t the bed”; Reddit group of 30,000 people share horrific side effect stories

 One way to lose weight is to take a drug that gives you relentless diarrhea to the extent that you defecate even while sleeping. At least 3 out of every 10 people on the weight-loss pharma drug Ozempic are saying on Reddit that this is exactly what is happening to them, and it’s the most embarrassing, recurring event they have experienced in years. Debilitating gastrointestinal symptoms are just the beginning of the nightmares associated with this pharma weight-loss drug, because when the body simply dumps everything so quickly and repeatedly, nutrient deficiencies are quick to follow. Though celebrities and influencers are promoting the drug as the greatest thing since sliced bread, it could all be propaganda to push another drug that does not perform as advertised.

Severe constipation or the constant “runs” – which is the worst side effect of taking weight-loss drug Ozempic?

Any food that is eaten and does not exit the human body within 24 hours starts becoming toxic, that’s why constipation is such a dangerous condition. This is one of the horrific side effects of Ozempic. Swing the pendulum in the other direction and you’re pooping the bed because according to 30 percent of the people taking this drug, you get the runs so bad it happens while you are sleeping. The semaglutide injections can make a person have uncontrollable bowel movements in their clothes while in bed.

The drugs are designed to slow the digestive process, making the user feel “full” for long periods of time, but the brain signals are getting convoluted, leading to either explosive diarrhea or debilitating constipation.

Ozempic and another weight-loss drug Wegovy are giving users other issues besides diarrhea or constipation, including bouts of vomiting, cramps, constant gas, and sulfur burps that smell like rotten eggs, as expressed by many TikTok enthusiasts. Doctors say the drugs ‘trick the brain’ into thinking food just eaten has already reached the intestines, thus suppressing hunger and telling the body to dump its contents quicker (a.k.a. gastrocolic reflex or the ‘ileal break’).

In just the past year, more than 5 million prescription weight-loss drugs have been doled out for weight loss “management,” much to the dismay of patients who suffer horrible side effects and put the weight back on after coming off the next-to-worthless drugs. That includes over 100,000 Wegovy prescriptions being scribbled out EVERY WEEK, according to the drug’s manufacturer Novo.

The cure for obesity is not drugs that cause diarrhea or constipation, but rather it’s healthy, unprocessed food and moderate exercise

The majority of Americans are addicted to their immediate gratification lifestyle, which means eating “easy” food that’s pre-prepped, processed, preserved, and jacked up with sugars, oils, concentrated salts, and other health-harming additives. Then they put on excess weight, feel horrible about themselves, and run to the MD to get some “magic pills” that will fix it all. Wrong.

Most people suffering from obesity are also prime candidates for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and dementia down the road. There are NO pharma drugs to fix this, and surgery just staves off the inevitable, if these folks don’t change their ways and start eating whole, unprocessed, organic or local produce as their main source of food and nutrition. Plus, many obese people don’t have the energy or stamina to exercise regularly, and the medical-industrial complex would rather dole out pills and operate on them (for the money) than give them good advice that’s actually helpful and cheap.

Weight loss injection Ozempic causing users to literally “sh#t the bed”; Reddit group of 30,000 people share horrific side effect stories Weight loss injection Ozempic causing users to literally “sh#t the bed”; Reddit group of 30,000 people share horrific side effect stories Reviewed by Your Destination on May 30, 2023 Rating: 5

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