Popular French author faces criminal charges for “misgendering” a male mayor with gender dysphoria by calling him “a man” – which he IS

 Best-selling French author, feminist and social media influencer Dora Moutot is being taken to court for the alleged “crime” of “misgendering” two transgenders based on their actual biological sex.

Tilloy-lez-Marchiennes Mayor “Marie Cau,” a male who now pretends to be a woman, and Hanneli Escurier, a female journalist who pretends to be a man, are both upset at Moutot for calling them what they actually are, rather than what they are pretending to be.

The two mentally deranged individuals are suing Moutot with the support of Mousse and SOS Homophobie, two LGBT organizations that apparently believe people should be punished for refusing to play-pretend on demand with other people’s made-up gender pronouns.

One of the incidents arose when Moutot was asked by journalist Léa Salamé on the popular French talk show Quelle Époque! whether she regarded Mayor Cau as a woman. Moutot responded with, “To me, Marie Cau is a man.”

Mousse responded to this statement by accusing Moutot of “violently attacking” Cau by calling him both a man, which he is, as well as a “transfeminine man.”

Cau, whose natural-born name is Nicolas, was elected to political office in 2020 and celebrated by the globalist-controlled media as France’s first transgender mayor. The tiny town where he is mayor has a population of about 500 people, and Cau hopes to eventually run for president in France.


In the U.K., Greece, Norway, and now France, all it takes is false accusations by deranged trannies to trigger criminal proceedings

Moutot’s other “offence” occurred on Aug. 25, 2022, when she referred to Escurier as a “trans-identified woman.” The legal complaint filed against her for this reference alleges that “trans-identified woman” is an offensive term aimed at inciting hatred or violence.

Escurier, meanwhile, has repeatedly denigrated actual women by calling them “TERFs,” a derogatory term, and also “threatened to physically harm Moutot herself at a drag event in 2020 that was held at a club in Paris.”

Moutot responded to this threat by calling Escurier a “trans-identified woman,” and now Moutot is being accused of criminal behavior while Escurier faces no charges and continues to parade around her mental illness as a “gender identity.”

Not only in France but also in the United Kingdom, Greece, and Norway, all it takes is for false accusations like the ones lobbed at Moutot by both Cau and Escurier to trigger criminal proceedings. LGBTs, conversely, can say whatever they want, whenever they want, and never face any kind of punishment.

Fragile trannies like Cau and Escurier are so “hurt” by words that they feel compelled to try to ruin other people’s lives simply for saying them. Tranny fragility is fast becoming one of the biggest existential threats to normal people everywhere, especially when their feelings get enshrined in the law, as seems to be happening in the U.K., France, and other parts of Europe.

“I’ve been harassed for almost four years now by trans activists for saying that a woman is a human female and not a feeling,” Moutot says about the abuse she continues to face at the hands of deranged trannies and their allies.

“They send me insults and threats, they put my address online, and they ruined my reputation by saying that I’m transphobic, and that I am a far-right accomplice.”

Moutot’s life and career are threatened by these same trannies, which want her fired and canceled.

Popular French author faces criminal charges for “misgendering” a male mayor with gender dysphoria by calling him “a man” – which he IS Popular French author faces criminal charges for “misgendering” a male mayor with gender dysphoria by calling him “a man” – which he IS Reviewed by Your Destination on May 20, 2023 Rating: 5

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