Canadian Police Arrest Teenager Handing Out Bibles During Altercation With ‘Pro-Transgender’ Activists: Report

 Canadian police reportedly arrested a teenager handing out bibles after an altercation broke out between his “Save Canada” group and pro-transgender counter-protestors during a demonstration on Wednesday in Calgary, Alberta.

Josh Alexander, 16, was handcuffed for allegedly causing a disturbance and provoking violence because he approached the activists during an organized “International Walkout” event supported by the Liberty Coalition Canada, Rebel News reported.

“Today I was handcuffed and put in a paddy wagon for offering students bibles on a public sidewalk in Calgary,” Alexander said in a tweet. “I was released and told if I returned, I would be arrested and charged.”

“I continued handing out bibles,” he added. “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.”

Alexander said in a separate tweet that Calgary police authorities arrested him because his views were too “inflammatory” to be expressed near the Western Canadian high school, adding some of the assailants were charged after the event.

“I will not yield to the pressure of the woke mob or corrupt state,” he said. “We will continue to spread the truth in love.”


Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, condemned Canadian authorities in a tweet, accusing law enforcement of displaying a double standard of justice.

“If you burn a church in this country, the police won’t devote any resources to catching you,” Bernier said. “If you hand out bibles on the sidewalk however — or hold a rally to defend fundamental rights in a time of hysteria — you will be arrested and fined immediately. We’re a sick society.”

Alexander said he has faced being detained, arrested, charged, suspended, excluded, threatened, and assaulted on several occasions for taking a stand against progressive ideologies infiltrating the West.

Alexander organized the demonstration after St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Renfrew — a town in Ontario, Canada — excluded him from attending school after expressing moral and religious objections in class and on social media earlier this year. According to the Liberty Coalition Canada website, such views included him stating that only two genders exist, students cannot transition between male and female, and boys’ and girls’ bathrooms should remain separate.

School officials suspended Alexander after organizing a student walk-out to protest the staff’s alleged failure to address safety concerns for a female student.

Local media reported that Alexander was also arrested earlier this year for trespassing following “non-disciplinary exclusion.” Alexander said he tried to attend his Automotive Mechanic class because he couldn’t “physically get inside a vehicle” while “learning online.”

“I told the officer I should not be excluded from attending in-person classes because of religious discrimination against me,” he argued.

Last week, Alexander tweeted that Canadian authorities attempted to stop him from demonstrating against “the genocide of the unborn.”

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