The supposed “War on Cancer” is fake in America. From the mass media to organizations that claim they are searching for a cure, nearly every effort claimed to be made is for the most part too little, too late. Medical care for cancer is a backwards approach that waits until cancer cells have invaded weakened tissue in the body and taken root. Many diagnostic methods for detecting cancer literally cause cancer themselves, like mammograms (scam-o-grams) and biopsies (surgery can spread cancer cells in the blood).

Mainstream treatment options can cause more cancer to develop, including chemotherapy and radiation. It’s all just fuel for the fire, throwing gasoline on a burning bonfire and expecting it to extinguish. What’s the use in trying to fight a war after the enemy has decimated the homeland and already taken over? What happened to preparation and prevention?

The fake “War on Cancer” ignores all the toxins, poisons, and known carcinogens Americans consume, apply, and inject regularly

Cancer is the uncontrolled division and multiplication of our own cells that turn and attack our own body. Everything that is healthy for humans is bad for cancer, like oxygen, clean water, and organic food. Unfortunately, there are more and more toxins flooding the food, medicine, and personal care industries than ever before. Shopping blindly for food and OTC medications (for the symptoms of that bad diet) will leave you in a world of hurt, begging doctors later to save you from cancer, all while you pour in more toxins. For most Americans, they are burning the candle at both ends, and the so-called treatments for cancer seem to only temporarily stave off the inevitable.

Cancer feeds off a lack of oxygen, lack of nutrients, and an acidic body (low pH). The typical American literally consumes toxins all day long, through the mouth, the nose, the skin, and the lungs. From toxic “vaccines” to the toxic municipal tap, it’s like a relentless supply of food for cancer cells. Who wants to fight an enemy who’s constantly being loaded up with supplies, including food and weapons? Think about that for a minute.

Here are the top 10 fuels for cancer, that if completely cut off, would be the best basis for a “war on cancer” one could wage

#1. Spike proteins from the Covid clot shots (clog the vascular system and deplete oxygen and nutrient supply)

#2. Fluoride (a toxic byproduct of the phosphate mining industry in China)

#3. Synthetic dyes and fragrances in personal care products

#4. Vaccine adjuvants and preservatives (think mercury and MSG)

#5. Sugar – perfect cancer cell food (especially processed white sugar and HFCS)

#6. Chemotherapy (causes new cancers to develop)

#7. Radiation

#8. Artificial sweeteners (think aspartame and sucralose)

#9. Nitrites and nitrates (like in hot dogs and deli meat)

#10. Artificial hormones (in most conventional meat and dairy)

Let’s talk about an industrial byproduct that’s dumped into the US municipal water supply that makes the cancer industrial complex a fortune

The US government is entering phase two of a very long-delayed fluoride lawsuit brought by the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) and waged against the EPA for their lack of safeguarding the American drinking water supply. Under the Toxic Substances Control Act, the EPA has no right to let Americans continue consuming the toxic byproduct of the phosphate mining industry known as “fluoride.” Fluoride is a neurotoxin that causes lowered IQ, brittle bones, a calcified pineal gland, and wait for it… cancer. If anyone is thinking this deadly drug is “good for your teeth,” then the brainwashing campaign worked. 

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