“Digi-Dog” Police ROBOTS set to take over New York City and “POLICE” any protests about Big Government tyranny or the next plandemic

  Get ready for fully-armed robotic dogs to “arrest” people on the streets of New York City should they choose to disobey the new communist tyranny in the CCP-Democrat run city. Mainstream media is trying to portray the new NYC cop-bots as a good idea, totally cute and peaceful and helpful for the inhabitants of the dirty metropolitan hell-hole. They don’t really resemble dogs much at all, but the idea of a robot being loyal and friendly is the “sale” of it all, so the peons and controlled sheeple will accept it when digi-dogs flood the city and take over.

NYPD officers soon to be accompanied by unpredictable robotic dogs that could be hacked or simply programmed to attack conservatives

Got a problem with the Democrats fixing elections? Don’t protest peacefully in NYC or you might be taken down and chewed to bits by a robot dog. Oops, sorry about that. The computer had a glitch (they’ll say). Famous actor, comedian, and podcaster Russell Brand rips into the police state tyranny that NYC looks to engage with the full force of AI robot police dogs. Did you just post something on your phone that challenges the narratives on social media, or the word “plandemic” or “Trump?” You just might be a “domestic terrorist” that the pre-programmed digi-dog wants to attack and arrest. This may be your last official visit to the Big Dirty Apple.

This is real-life Minority Report. This is real-world Truman Show, where everything is monitored and set to function a very specific way, all around you, impeding you should you choose to do something Big Brother doesn’t like. Maybe even executing you just to be safe and protect those “national security interests” of the Leftist radical dictatorship. This is Terminator in NYC, but it’s not a movie set; it’s the actual street life to be. Does anyone think they will be able to resist arrest from the NYC police-state-digi-dog, even if you did NOTHING wrong? Think again. Digi-Dogs can weigh more than 70 pounds and are outfitted with lights, cameras, and a brain controlled by the Leftist Police State… it’s artificial intelligence (AI).

Do not attempt to pet (or feed) Robo-Cop-Digi-Dog. These robots are part of an Emergency Service Unit and Bomb Squad, in case you were posting memes about Resident Biden or his drug-and-porn-addicted son. Are you combat prepared, because the AI Digi-Dog most certainly is. Did you just call a trans-person the wrong gender? You are under arrest, by digi-AI-dog, who is programmed NOT to tolerate bigotry and “hate speech.” You have the right to remain silent. You do not have the right to an attorney or a trial. You will be held indefinitely while the communists in Washington DC determine if you are still a threat to national security or not. AI has determined you committed a thought crime, you are under arrest. These robodogs are to be used in malls and schools. Welcome to the jungle, the concrete jungle where the police are robotic dogs trained to kill.

“We are now seeing the militarization of the police on an unprecedented scale” – Russell Brand

Have no doubt, it will soon be legal for robots to kill people, in San Francisco and New York City. “Surely now we must awaken, otherwise we may not get the chance,” says Russell Brand. “This is not conspiracy theory, it’s simply the news,” he says, letting people know that once the police “release the hounds” (the robo-hounds that is), they will not ever be removing them, and they WILL be heavily ARMED sooner than later, have no doubt about that.

At first, it’s just an introduction to some cute doggies that look like robots, accompanying mister policeman down the busy street, helping sniff out some perpetrators, or rescue an old fallen grandma off the feces-laden sidewalk, near the filthy food truck. Maybe robo-dog will kill off those economy-draining homeless folks the Democrats give free money and crack pipes to.

“Digi-Dog” Police ROBOTS set to take over New York City and “POLICE” any protests about Big Government tyranny or the next plandemic “Digi-Dog” Police ROBOTS set to take over New York City and “POLICE” any protests about Big Government tyranny or the next plandemic Reviewed by Your Destination on April 25, 2023 Rating: 5

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