New York Young Republican Club Issues Statement Responding to Trump Indictment — ‘This is Total War’


The New York Young Republican Club has issued a statement responding to the indictment of President Donald Trump, saying, “This is Total War.”

The club warned that the indictment has sent our nation “careening toward tyranny at an unprecedented pace.”

“Today, our nation careens toward tyranny at an unprecedented pace,” the statement began. “An impudent cabal of radical figures abandons all propriety in their dogged attacks on President Donald J. Trump. We have taken a decisive step away from the values that define our national character.”

“Every utterance that has escaped these monsters’ lips since President Trump first came down the escalator has built toward this moment; each falsehood, each misdirection, each deliberate misportrayal found its culmination in Alvin Bragg’s desperate action today,” the club’s statement said. “Radical leftist interests, beholden to an elite, internationalist cabal have taken the unprecedented step of indicting President Donald J. Trump, the leading candidate for the 2024 presidential election.”

The statement continued, “Every American feels today the solid grasp of the Fifth Column on his throat; henceforth, we must openly acknowledge what so many have long known: that control of our nation’s fate has long been prised from our grasp. Let anyone who celebrates this downfall of our republic be forever branded a traitor to our nation. No one who mocks the people’s will can claim the title of an American.”

“President Trump embodies the American people—our psyche from id to super-ego—as does no other figure; his soul is totally bonded with our core values and emotions, and he is our total and indisputable champion. This tremendous connection threatens the established order,” it said. “The fix has always been ‘in’ against our President, but his motivation and love for the American people drove him to pursue the national excellence that his unique vision perceived lay within our reach. In doing so, he opened so many eyes to reality.”

The club recalled a rally in Tampa last summer, during which Trump said that if he backed down from challenging the regime, he would have been left alone. With the indictment, the statement said, the regime has now shed the mask of democracy and unveiled “its true and hideous face.”

The club also said that they will not be holding a protest today, despite Trump’s previous call for protest should he be indicted.

“Despite our tremendous success holding marquee protests in Manhattan for critical rightwing causes, today we remain at home. Let our silence be a condemnation of the captivity of our nation; a polemic on the state of our republic. We will not allow another Fedsurrection; we will not be pawns in the Deep State’s perpetual effort to delegitimize Americans’ fundamental right of assembly.”

The statement concluded by declaring war.

“President Trump assured us that he was our retribution. Now we must return the rejoinder: our victory will be the joint vindication that our great President Donald J. Trump and our American people both deserve. This is Total War.”

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