Gas industry forms coalition to stop Biden from shuttering everyone’s gas appliances

 Though dead for now, the Biden regime’s anti-gas stove agenda is certainly not off the table for good. In order to kill it once and for all, American consumers will need to band together to stop it, which is something the U.S. Oil and Gas Association (OGA) is working on right now as it forms a coalition of opposition to energy fascism.

In a statement, OGA President Tim Stewart said the gas industry is partnering with consumers to send a message to the regime, telling it to “keep your hands off our stoves.”

“The kitchen is the epicenter of everybody’s home,” Stewart stated in an interview with the “Just the News, No Noise” television show.

“It’s where parents teach their kids. You gather around the center island and eat together. This is a place where all the teaching takes place. And this green movement is knocking on our front doors and working its way to the center of our houses.”

The Biden regime’s over-regulatory probing into the personal lives of American families “really bothers people,” Stewart added, describing Biden’s anti-gas obsession as “an invasion of their personal space.” 

Gas stoves are superior to electric stoves in nearly every way

Because of widespread unpopularity, and quite frankly outrage that such an idea would even be suggested at all, the Biden regime backtracked in January on a potential nationwide ban on gas stoves, which supposedly contribute to climate change and global warming.

To really scare people away from gas, the regime also tried to claim, using pseudoscience, that cooking with gas causes health problems such as asthma and cancer.

Calling gas stoves a “hidden hazard,” Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. told Bloomberg at the start of the year that “any option is on the table” with regard to regulating or even banning them.

Nearly half of all households in the United States use gas stoves, which are superior to electric stoves in nearly every way. They are less expensive to operate than electric stoves, for one. They are also more durable, provide better temperature control, and are more responsive to heat control for switching between different types of cooking.

The left-wing, for whatever reason, has decided to wage war on all earth-based fuels, including both gas and oil, while aggressively promoting expensive and unreliable electricity instead. And rather than allow you and your family to make your own choices, the left-wing wants to force you to go “green.”

The Biden regime’s Department of Energy (DOE) proposed a rule that would “ban 84% of the gas stoves that they’re testing as not being efficient enough,” Trumka Jr. explained about the agenda.

“And so, the crappy gas stoves that you and I had in our college dorm rooms might make the cut. But the high-end Viking and subzero ranges, they’re not going to make the cut under this DOE proposal,” he further explained.

“And according to that 84% test, it will save people $4 a year, that’s their estimate. So, it’s not about savings, not about health, it’s about control.”

From another angle, the DOE is also trying to coordinate with the energy groups, including at the local level, to push local decision-makers, regulatory agencies, and city councils to ban natural gas appliances in all new construction, making it impossible for residents to even get a gas line installed if they wanted to.

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