Corrupt Nancy Pelosi Says She’s “Liberated! Freedom! Free at last!” After Losing House Speaker’s Role


Crooked and corrupt Nancy Pelosi says that’s she’s free now after losing the House Speaker role in the 2022 election.  

FOX News reported on Pelosi’s comments in a recent far-left Los Angeles Times article.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she is enjoying her time outside of leadership, and now could speak more freely about issues.

“I’m emancipated now!” the California Democratic congresswoman said during an interview with the Los Angeles Times published Monday. “Liberated! Freedom! Free at last!”

Pelosi’s comments come as she navigates a new reality after two decades in Democratic leadership, leaving her with more time on her hands and a greater freedom to speak her mind, she told the Times.

The far-left LA Times gave a puff piece on Pelosi who oversaw the highest spending in US history by far of any Speaker during her last few years in office.  The LA Times reports on how Pelosi is so unbound now that she can eat her hot dog in peace.

Now that she’s freed of that obligation, Pelosi feels unbound and unfettered, she says.

She digs into her lunch, a foil-wrapped hot dog with mustard and relish.

Pelosi’s record is horrendous and her actions were worse.  She’ll be remembered for tearing up President Trump’s speech after sharing all the good he had done for the country.

She was outsmarted every step of the way by the President as he worked around her to get things done for America.

President Trump highlighted her inaction as small businesses suffered under Democrat state COVID mandates: 

Pelosi’s family had numerous issues.  Her son had “business” deals that were very suspect, including in Ukraine.  President Trump wasn’t afraid to point that out. 

Pelosi and her Democrat friends were on a bus to the airport to take a US military plane overseas on an alcohol-filled flight on the US taxpayers’ dime.  President Trump put a stop to that causing the bus with the lawmakers on it to circle the Capitol rather than head to the airport. 

Pelosi was behind the Jan 6 riots at the Capitol on Jan 6.  She refused to have adequate protection on that day and then covered up her actions while creating the criminal Jan 6 Committee that is behind destroying hundreds of innocent American lives.  Her actions have been covered up to this day.

Pelosi will go down as one of the most corrupt and evil politicians in US history.  Her actions showed it.  She hated President Trump because he knew she was corrupt. 

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