California teacher arrested for secretly recording 'all gender' bathroom in high school

 A teacher in Irvine, California, was recently arrested for placing hidden recording devices in a bathroom near a high school's pool.

As reported by KTLA 5, a contracted maintenance worker at Beckman High School found recording devices that were secretly placed in an all-gender bathroom near the school's swimming pool.

According to Irvine Police, 37-year-old Siu Kong Sit was revealed to have recorded several victims after the maintenance worker turned over the recording devices to school administrators.

"The contractor turned the items over to administrative staff who called IPD. Officers determined the devices had recorded several victims while in the restroom," an Irvine Police press release states.

Sit was booked into Orange County Jail and will have to face several charges, including charges related to child pornography.

The accused is charged with possession of (or manufacturing) child pornography, burglary, and two misdemeanor charges.

The teacher is referenced on the school's Twitter page, linking to a video in which he congratulates a student on winning the "Engineering Student of the Year" award.

Irvine police are still attempting to locate some of the victims based on evidence that was found on the devices.

A swath of arrests for procuring or creating child pornography have grabbed headlines across the United States in 2023, including a 72-year-old Florida man who was recently arrested for possessing 200,000 images of child pornography, which weighed in at over a ton.

In early February 2023, a man from Wisconsin was sentenced to 25 years in prison for producing child pornography, as well as sending the images and videos to others through a messaging app.

In late January 2023, an Iowa resident also received 25 years in federal prison for production of child pornography and transfer of obscene material to minors, after he was caught preying on underage girls on Snapchat.

Just days earlier, a second Iowa man was caught despite faking his own death and evading police for six years. That man was sentenced to 20 years in prison for knowingly receiving child pornography.

The Department of Justice has been using its initiative called Project Safe Childhood to track down sex offenders across the country in cooperation with local police departments.

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