Bill Maher Is Right Again. The Woke DO Want to ‘Shut Down Debate’ On Transgender People

 HBO talk show host Bill Maher continues to prove he’s not some mindless liberal who will always toe the party line.

Sure, he leans so far left he’s in need of a good chiropractor, but Maher continues to take aim at the “woke” wing of the Democratic Party — and he seems to relish spanking the far Left.

In an interview this week with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Maher blasted “the woke point of view” on transgender people, saying the Left’s agenda is going “too far” in its effort to “shut down debate.”

Tapper, of course, pushed the trans agenda with some approved party-line talking points, saying comedians who make fun of the community “punch down.”

“I don’t really agree. I mean, I think the trans community is asking for too much,” said Maher, host of “Real Time.” “Again, the difference between liberal and woke.”

“And it’s great we live in a time where people like that can freely live the lives they should live with all the dignity and protection of the law that we can afford them, like anybody else in society. I think that’s the liberal point of view,” he said.

Then Maher did what Tapper considered to be punching down by simply spelling out what the woke Left really believe.

“The woke point of view is something very different, like — ‘Well, babies are born now and just jump ball, we don’t know what they are,’” Maher said. “‘Congratulations, you have a boy. Well, let’s not be hasty. There’s a penis. That could be an indication of a male, but it’s — it’s really — we’ll find out later. And we can always get rid of it.’”

Maher also pointed out that the woke always try to shut down any discourse. “It’s not wrong to have this discussion,” Maher said. “They absolutely do want to shut down debate,” Maher added, noting that the woke will cast any doubter as transphobic or a right-wing hater.

“You’re phobic and you hate — we don’t hate. It’s not hate. It’s not phobic. We’re not afraid,” he said.

“We’re just discussing something very new that involves children and what — these interventions you’re making have repercussions for the entire rest of their lives and they’re about their health, which I think should come first,” Maher said.

But Maher did cave when Tapper asked whether states have the right to ban surgical procedures to alter young people.

“So I think if a trans activist were here right now,” Tapper said, “they might say, we’re not afraid of having discussions and debate, but you’re talking about these issues at a time when states like Idaho and Florida and others are talking about banning these procedures, regardless of what the kid and the parents and the doctor want.”

“Well, that’s probably a backlash that went too far,” Maher said.

Still, Maher is exactly right about the woke going too far. And it won’t end anytime soon.

Bill Maher Is Right Again. The Woke DO Want to ‘Shut Down Debate’ On Transgender People Bill Maher Is Right Again. The Woke DO Want to ‘Shut Down Debate’ On Transgender People Reviewed by Your Destination on March 04, 2023 Rating: 5

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