THIS WILL NOT END WELL: NSA Courting THOUSANDS Of Fired Woke Big Tech Workers For Intelligence Activities


Thousands of terminated far-left Big Tech workers may soon have prominent positions in America’s most notorious spying agency. The Nation Security Agency (NSA) is embarking on one of their biggest hiring sprees in the last three decades.

Big tech workers have utilized their power to collect personal data, cancel conservatives on social media, and collude with Democrats to cover up scandals. They have also failed to protect children from sick pedophiles online as well.

How do you feel about these loathsome individuals potentially collecting your data using taxpayer dollars? Despite congressional efforts to restrict such activity, the spying on US citizens by the NSA continues unabated.

Talk about an axis of evil between Big Tech and the Deep State. But do not worry too much because NSA assures us they love diversity and pink teddy bears. 

Here is the story from the Washington Times:

The National Security Agency is doggedly courting laid-off Big Tech workers as the spy agency undertakes one of its largest hiring surges in the last 30 years.

The NSA began privately reaching out to Big Tech employees over LinkedIn last fall, as word spread that major American companies such as Meta and Amazon were bleeding tens of thousands of skilled workers.

The NSA is currently hiring 3,000 new employees to work across the country, from the D.C.-area to Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Texas and Utah, according to Molly Moore, NSA deputy director of workforce support activities.

More than half of the NSA’s 3,000 open positions are for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics work. The spy agency, which is focused on signals intelligence collection, is in the market for data and computer scientists, software engineers, cybersecurity experts, human-machine teaming experts, and mathematicians, according to NSA director of operations Natalie Lang.

The NSA declined to say how much taxpayer money is allotted for the hiring effort. Total spending on the intelligence community for fiscal 2022 was $89.8 billion.

Ms. Moore, who has spent several decades at the NSA, said the agency’s pitch to Big Tech workers involves promoting job security and the opportunity to try different things. She said she started as a Farsi linguist before working in other parts of the agency, including the cybersecurity directorate.

NSA cybersecurity director Rob Joyce has deployed the slogan of “you do you” in Twitter posts encouraging people to apply for work. He noted that previous marijuana use is no longer prohibitive for employment, but ongoing drug use would be unacceptable.

When one Twitter user noted that Mr. Joyce was replying to an anonymous user with a pink teddy bear in January, Mr. Joyce took the chance to deploy his it-takes-all-kinds mantra.

“NSA is actually a place that embraces diversity,” Mr. Joyce said on Twitter. “I’m definitely down with pink teddy bears.”

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