Fire chief's wife accused of unloading 50 pounds of 'human s**t' at Texas police station

 Well, that stinks.

Mindy Janette Stephens, 46, of Electra, Texas, near Wichita Falls, is out on bond after police arrested her for, of all things, allegedly depositing approximately 50 pounds of human waste at the local police station last month.

At approximately 4:30 p.m. on November 10, an Electra police officer went out to the station parking lot to investigate some suspicious activity captured by a security camera. According to court documents, when the officer went outside, he found a suspect wearing "an all-white haz-mat suit with a yellow mask" walking back to a "tan SUV with a trailer" after having placed three five-gallon buckets in front of the police station.

When the officer asked the female suspect to explain herself, she replied that "the buckets were human s*** and she was dropping them off," the document states. The suspect then drove away in the vehicle.

The three buckets contained a total of approximately 50 pounds of human feces, police said.

A lieutenant then reviewed the security footage and recognized the suspect's voice as allegedly belonging to Mindy Stephens, the wife of an assistant fire chief in Electra. The lieutenant had just spoken with Stephens regarding "the buckets of 'Human S**t'" earlier that day, the report says, so her voice was likely fresh in his mind. Why he would have spoken to her about the buckets of waste is unclear.

In attempt to resolve the incident without further escalation, Electra chief of police Terry Wooten contacted city administrator Steve Bowlin, who is also a city fireman and who therefore might be able to convince Stephens to retrieve the dirty buckets she allegedly donated rather than face charges.

However, Bowlin reported back a short time later that Stephens had told him that the incident was "not her problem" and that she would not cooperate. A waste water employee ultimately came and removed the buckets safely.

Stephens was arrested on December 1 and charged with illegal dumping of more than five pounds but less than 500 pounds, a Class B misdemeanor. She was taken into custody at the Wichita County jail and released on a $2,000 bond the following day. It is unclear when she is next expected to appear in court.

Irrespective of this latest accusation, Stephens does have a rather lengthy history of disturbing behavior. She has been arrested at least five times since 1999, mostly on assault charges. In 2020, she served a short stint behind bars after she pled guilty to violently puncturing a man in his arm and hand with a set of keys.

Any motive Stephens may have had for allegedly dropping off excrement at a local police station remains unknown.

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