Mike Pence Lays Out Predictions For Midterms, Responds To Trump’s Dig

 Former Vice President Mike Pence laid out his forecast for the midterms Monday, telling Daily Caller Editorial Director Vince Coglianese that Americans will vote for “common sense American values,” and predicting that Republican governors will be elected in key states, including New York.

“Look, Republicans all across the country that are running for the House, the Senate, and governorships are focused on what the American people are focused on, which is not what Joe Biden gives speeches about. It’s not what the liberal left likes to focus on. It’s inflation, high gas prices, crime in the streets, and the worst crisis on our southern border in history,” Pence said in an interview on WMAL.

Pence predicted that the midterms will bring “an incredible win, not just for the Republican Party, but for common sense American values,” as well as Republican governors in New York and Oregon.

The former vice president also laid out his vision for what a Republican Congress will do in January, including leaning into an end on the “war on energy,” providing for a common defense amid foreign threats from Russia, China and North Korea, securing the southern border and stopping spending that is leading to inflation.

When pressed by Coglianese, Pence resisted calling for the impeachment of the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas. Pence said Mayorkas is “responsible for the failures on the border,” and needs to be held accountable, but the “buck stops in the Oval Office.”

Pence also responded to the recent comments made by former President Donald Trump about his polling numbers.

“There it is, Trump at 71 [percent]. Ron ‘DeSanctimonious’ at 10 percent. Mike Pence at seven — oh, Mike’s doing better than I thought,” Trump said Saturday at a rally in Pennsylvania for Republican Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz, according to the New York Post.

“I like the part of the rally where he was supporting Republicans,” Pence told Coglianese, adding that “we’ll let the future take care of itself.”

“I think every single one of us until those polls close tomorrow would do well to completely focus on the task at hand,” Pence said. “I’m looking for a great day tomorrow.”

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