Paul Pelosi Encounter Draws Comparisons To FL Governor Candidate Andrew Gillum’s Drug Orgy

 With the first-hand accounts from law enforcement in the alleged late-night home invasion of the Pelosi’s San Fransisco residence that left husband Paul Pelosi hospitalized after he was supposedly bludgeoned by left-wing Berkeley nudist David Depape, mainstream media journalists and Democrats continue to hammer home the idea that the alleged assailant was a member of the MAGA movement.

It’s not been a good month for Mr. Pelosi, who was involved in a drunk driving wreck weeks ago. 

The alleged assailant David Depape is reportedly a resident of a commune in ultra-progressive Berkley, California. He also apparently has a history of drug abuse and unusual behavior according to those who know him.

A neighbor who lives down the street from the commune where Depape was staying described the residents as “nudist drug abusers” and said that while they profess to support Black Lives Matter, they apparently routinely call the police on black people. 

Nonetheless, the spin machine is in full motion among the legacy media, elected Democrats, leftwing activists, and… even Hillary Clinton, who wasted no time in blaming the attack on the Republican Party. No shocker there.

Thankfully Elon Musk, Twitter’s new Chief Twit publicly roasted her Sunday morning in a tweet before taking it down. 

They have even gone as far as to link two questionable “right-wing” blogs on Depape.  The websites were more than likely astroturf operations meant to fulfill the prophecy that Depape was an agent of racist Trump supporters.

While we could spend all day discussing the very easy conclusions to draw when considering the fact that twomen got into a scuffle at near 3 am in the morning wearing nothing but underwear and fighting for control over a hammer, everyone on Twitter and beyond have already milked that cow dry.

Of course we are also meant to forget how the media and Democrats at best ignored or at worst cheered on the violent assault of Senator Rand Paul, protestors breaking the law by protesting outside the homes of Supreme Court Justices (and being found with deadly weapons), the infamous “Summer of Love” BLM /Antifa riots, and hundreds (likely thousands) of other instances of violence being visited upon MAGA activists over the past six years.

So what else are left-wing Twitter users claiming that Pelosigate bears a similarity to? Well, none other than the infamous meth-fueled gay sex orgy that former Florida Democratic gubernatorial Andrew Gillum was involved in.

To be fair, there are similarities in each case, and this journalist would know as the first to publish the graphic image of Gillum passed out naked on the floor of a Miami Beach hotel room full with drugs, a male prostitute, and several other men. 

However, left-wing Twitter has their own theory. They allege that not only was Andrew Gillum set up by shady MAGA operatives and journalists (this journalist included), but that the same tactics were used on Paul Pelosi! Gillum was recently arrested on fraud charges and is currently awaiting trial.

Oh, and that any discussion about Paul Pelosi being involved sexually with other men (which some have alleged is an open secret in the San Francisco are), is HOMOPHOBIC!

AND that you must not be normal if you are drawing some very basic conclusions about how a man in nothing but underwear somehow infiltrated the home of Speaker Pelosi, who is THIRD in line to the presidency.

One of the best takes has to be from the below Twitter user, who claims that Paul Pelosi, who notably lives a very private life, was probably drugged by people posing as his “fans.”

There are countless other hot takes from liberals on Twitter, but you get the point. A shadowy MAGA strike team of undercover operatives setting the whole Pelosigate scandal up without a hitch is more plausible to them than the details we currently now.

This is coming from the same crowd that claims the Deep State does not exist and that talking about shadowy groups or individuals plotting against the best interests of the American people is “misinformation”, “white supremacy”, and evidence of domestic terrorism. 

Despite police recordings and official statements from law enforcement confirming more than two people at the residence, they are now changing the initial details every couple hours it seems.


As far as logical comparisons go between Pelosigate and Gillum’s meth-fueled gay sex orgy, the evolution of narratives by the police is a completely fair comparison rooted in reality.

Here’s to hoping that local law enforcement in San Fran don’t follow the lead of the Miami Beach Police Department, who attempted to withhold the body cam footage and ran protection for Andrew Gillum.

Godspeed to respectable journalists and independent investigators everywhere who continue to hammer away in their quest for the truth about what happened to Paul Pelosi.

And if Republicans secure the United States House on November 8th, they should immediately launch an investigation into how the residence of the Speaker of the House (3rd in line for POTUS) was left so unprotected.

Political violence like this must stop and an official congressional investigation (depositions, evidence requests, subpoenas, publicly televised hearings) will send a strong message to anyone who tries to do something like this to a member of congress in the future, no matter their political affiliation.

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