The Washington Post Finally Reports What Frontline Doctors Have Warned About All Along: COVID Vaccine Can ‘Change The Timing Of The Menstrual Cycle’


Medical experts and frontline doctors who urged the public to refrain from getting covid vaccinated were ostracized and censored by the corporate press. Claims that the so-called “vaccines,” which provide no inoculation against transmission of covid, cause infertility were deemed a far-fetched conspiracy theory by the establishment.

Now, the same entities that promoted the globalist “get vaccinated” agenda are beginning to report the truth about the effects of the experimental gene modification shots.

A new report published by the Washington Post cites a study confirming covid injections negatively disrupt women’s menstrual cycles.

“Women said covid shots affect periods. A new study shows they’re right,” the article published by WaPo on Tuesday warns. 

The far-left publication references a study published in on Tuesday by the National Institute of Health in the British Medical Journal. The study examined the menstrual cycles of women from around the world who used Natural Cycles, a popular period-tracking app. Amon participants, 14,936 women were vaccinated and 4,686 were not.

“Because app users tracked their menstrual cycles each month, the researchers were able to analyze three menstrual cycles before vaccination and at least one cycle after, and compare them with four menstrual cycles in the unvaccinated group,” the Washington Post notes.

According to the study, vaccinated women got their periods 0.71 days late after receiving one dose of mRNA-modifying technology, while women who received two “vaccines” within one menstrual cycle experienced “greater disruptions” The average double jabbed woman saw their cycle length increase by four days, while thirteen percent of those who received two shots experienced an eight-day delay or more.

“People have expressed frustration that public health officials didn’t warn them about the possible side effect or do more research before rolling out the vaccines,” WaPo reports.

The study fails to address the effects covid shots have on non-binary individuals, the publication warns.

“The study also didn’t answer all of the questions raised by people about vaccines and periods, including how the shots affect trans men and nonbinary individuals. Ever since the vaccines were rolled out, many people on social media have complained of longer, heavier and more-painful periods after getting vaccinated. This study did not look at the heaviness of periods or other side effects such as cramps.”

WaPo cites a second survey that examines the vaccine’s effects on the menstrual cycle of 160,000 participants, “including transgender and postmenopausal people.”

The survey found “that thousands of reported heavier bleeding than usual or breakthrough bleeding,” WaPo reports.

The heavy bleeding is especially problematic for transgender men, Tulane University assistant professor Katharine Lee told the outlet.

“The information is important to help trans men plan for additional support if menstruating causes gender dysphoria, and also to help people make decisions about stocking up on tampons and pads,” Lee explained.

One woman told WaPo that she “hadn’t had her period for over three years before she got her first Pfizer shot in February. The next day at work, she got her period.”

“It wasn’t that the vaccine moved my period early or late — it produced one,” said Lorena Grundy, 27, said. “I think it’s good to validate that we should listen to women about their own bodies.

“I’m still glad I got vaccinated, but I do think maybe this shows that it’s a symptom we should be preparing people for so they’re not alarmed by it.”

More from WaPo:

Olivia Rodriguez, 26, said she doesn’t plan to get her booster shot because she had such a bad experience after her second Moderna shot in March 2021. Despite just having finished her period, she started another within a few days of getting the shot. It lasted 10 days with heavier bleeding, she said, instead of the normal four or five days she was used to. She also experienced more-painful cramps.

Initially, she panicked, but soon found stories online of other women who had gone through similar situations. It was reassuring, she said, but she still is wary of getting another shot.

Rodriguez, who is a member of the Osage Nation, said medical researchers need to earn the trust of the Indigenous and people of color by providing more information upfront about side effects.

“I never really got an explanation of why or what happened,” she said.

The Washington Post’s expose of covid vaccine effects demonstrates the extent corporate press has obediently assisted big government’s depopulation effort by withholding the fact from the American public.

WaPo smears and libels frontline doctors and independent publications who reported on against the effects of the covid shots throughout the bioattack.

Dr. Robert Malone, who developed mRNA technology and has repeatedly warned against the use of the experimental shots has “bolstered a movement of misinformation,” The Washington Post warned in January.

The Gateway Pundit, which regularly reports on the detrimental effects of the jabs on the menstrual cycle and the reproductive system, is a “conspiracy-hawking site,” claims WaPo.

After Joe Rogan interviewed renowned epidemiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough, WaPo sounded the alarm in an article titled, “The coronavirus misinformation on Joe Rogan’s show, explained.”

Meanwhile, McCullough thoroughly explains exactly why women are experiencing delays in their menstrual cycle after getting vaccinated.


“We know that loaded on nano lipid particles, this dangerous genetic code and spike protein go everywhere in the body. All the autopsy studies have shown, it’s in the brain, it’s in the heart, it’s in the bone marrow,” McCullough explained in a recent interview. “It’s in the reproductive organs. There’s a range of sperm count and motility

“Those men who are at the lower range, clearly with vaccination, they are going to be brought to the infertile range and it takes months and months to recover. Just by the time they recover, they take a mandated booster and go back into the infertile range. I can tell you as a medical doctor, every man should be concerned.

“Importantly, female ovaries have a set number of eggs from birth. So, as the genetic code is installed to ovarian cells and the spike protein is produced in the ovary, not only is it triggering regularities in menses, but almost certainly is causing death and destruction of those precious ovarian cells, those eggs. Eggs are being destroyed. So, on a more probable than not basis,  one would conclude with serial injections every six months, women could be rendered infertile.”

The Washington Post Finally Reports What Frontline Doctors Have Warned About All Along: COVID Vaccine Can ‘Change The Timing Of The Menstrual Cycle’ The Washington Post Finally Reports What Frontline Doctors Have Warned About All Along: COVID Vaccine Can ‘Change The Timing Of The Menstrual Cycle’ Reviewed by Your Destination on September 29, 2022 Rating: 5

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