Pressure Builds To Strip Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Of Their Royal Titles: Report

 Pressure is building for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to have their royal titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex stripped following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The queen gave the two their titles following their wedding four years ago, but they have faced growing criticism after giving up their senior royal roles in 2020 and moving to America. They have often engaged in woke politics and have made comments critical of the royal family, including Markle accusing the family of racism.

“We saw the royal wedding, we saw the outpouring from the public in support of them. She was welcomed with open arms at that time,” royal expert Hilary Fordwich said in an interview with Fox News. “Don’t forget Prince Harry was one of the favorites. He’s plummeted in the polls now but he was one of the Royal favorites.”

The Parallel Parliament filed a petition after the two moved to the United States that demanded that their titles be stripped because the titles were given under the condition that they would be “working royals serving the monarchy.”

“As this is no longer the case, this title cannot be used for personal financial gain,” the petition said. “It therefore has no purpose and must be removed.”

Fordwich said that the petition was “from the people of the county of Sussex” who were upset that they were not be represented by the two.

“There has been a petition, a movement from the people of the county of Sussex, they’re supposed to represent, to remove them,” she said. “Why? Because they’re taking the name but they’re not doing anything for the people of Sussex. This is a dilemma. This is not a celebrity role. It is a role of duty. So you need to do your duty, and then hold the title. Why would anybody want the title if they don’t want to do their duty to the people of the county of Sussex? You either do or you don’t. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

“If you’re Duchess of Sussex and Duke of Sussex you’re supposed to serve the people and your duty is to be there and to go there and visit people’s homes and go to churches and go to schools and go to hospitals. That’s what the Duke and Duchess do,” she continued. “That’s what they should do. For example, the Queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward, he’s the Count of Wessex and his wife is the Countess of Wessex. They go to Wessex and that’s what they do. So it’s very important to recognize that the people of Sussex are being served.”

Fordwich said that the two will keep their royal titles unless Parliament takes action to remove them. Several other petitions to remove the titles have been launched, and several public figures have called for the couple to have their titles removed in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

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