LibsofTikTok Creator Says She Will Sue if Permanently Banned From Twitter


Libs of TikTok creator Chaya Raichik says that if she is permanently banned from Twitter she will sue the company.

Raichik was suspended last week for “hateful conduct” after she posted a phone call with Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC, in which two staff members admitted that they give “gender affirming” hysterectomies to children under 16 years old.

In the audio, Raichik is heard calling the DC children’s hospital while pretending to be the mother of a 16-year-old that is transitioning to male and wants the procedure.

She is repeatedly told that not only will they perform the procedure on a 16-year-old, they also said that they have performed them on children who are “much younger.” 

The audio prompted severe and swift backlash from the left, who ran cover for the hospital and denied that healthy children were being sterilized.

“Last week, I was wrongfully suspended from Twitter for seven days after I exposed a hospital that admitted to performing gender-affirming hysterectomies on healthy minors,” Raichik wrote on her Substack. “I say ‘wrongfully’ because the reason given for my suspension was hateful conduct. I did not engage in hateful conduct. I accurately reported the truth.”

Raichik was suspended for seven days for posting the phone call.

“My biggest fan, Taylor Lorenz, wrote another hit piece about me yesterday claiming that Twitter executives are facing ‘internal pressure from some employees to respond more aggressively’ to my account,” Raichik’s Substack post continued. “The only thing more aggressive than a seven day suspension would be a permanent ban. But if that happens — if they ban my account for hateful conduct when all I’ve done is report the facts — then I’ll sue them for breach of contract. I’ll also bring claims under California state law and the California Constitution.”

Raichik also posted a link to a letter sent to Vijaya Gadde Head of Legal, Policy, and Trust at Twitter, warning that she will take legal action if censored.

“LOTT exists to hold up a mirror to our society. Our client primarily re-publishes content publicly available on other social media pages and platforms, in which users outline their views in their own words,” the letter said. “Much of LOTT’s work has focused on airing the perspectives of people in influential positions, particularly educators in public schools. LOTT’s reporting has shown many of these educators expressing contempt for the perspectives of the taxpayers who pay their salaries, benefits, and pension plans. Some observers credit our client’s reporting with helping create legislative reform at the state and local level, and inspiring parents to become more involved in their local school boards.”

In June, a leaked internal Twitter slack chat revealed that employees were debating whether or not they could get away with banning Libs of TikTok without much backlash.

The employees cited being able to censor President Donald Trump as a reason why they thought it would be okay.

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