Gross. Classless Jill Biden Makes 9/11 All About Herself


Jill Biden has zero class.

Dr. Jill made September 11 all about herself in an interview with the Associated Press.

Twenty-one years ago today the US came under attack by Islamic terrorists.

Nearly 3,000 people were murdered in a series of coordinated attacks.


But Jill Biden made 9/11 about herself and her sister Bonny Jacobs.

Jill told the AP that she was afraid that her sister Bonny, who was a United Airlines flight attendant, was on one of the four hijacked planes.

“I called Bonny to see where she was because I was scared to death … I didn’t know where she was, whether she was flying, not flying, where she was,” Jill Biden recalled in the AP interview. “And then I found out she was home.”

The AP also interviewed Jill’s sister Bonny Jacobs who wasn’t on any of the hijacked planes.

Bonny made 9/11 about herself too.

Jacobs told the AP that she got home around 2 am from a late flight on September 11.

“So when I got up around noon, it was such a gorgeous day,” Jacobs said. “I had my coffee. I sat outside. I literally said out loud, ‘I’m doing nothing today. This day is gorgeous.’”

Jacobs said Jill showed up at her house on 9/11.

“And then the first person that came to the house was Jill,” Jacobs said. “I hadn’t called her to come, but she just showed up, and she was there for me, as usual.”

Jill Biden told the AP that Joe Biden’s life was likely saved by the actions of people on United Airlines Flight 93.

Joe Biden wasn’t in danger that day. He arrived to the US Capitol later in the day after the Pentagon was hit and all buildings were already evacuated.

The AP reported:

On 9/11, then-Sen. Biden arrived in Washington to see smoke in the sky from the crash at the Pentagon. He wanted to go to the floor of the Senate, but the Capitol and the surrounding complex of offices and official buildings, including the Supreme Court, had been evacuated.

He was turned away by Capitol police, who said there was a risk that the building was a target.

Jill Biden said in her interview that scores of lives were saved — including possibly her husband’s — by the actions of everyone aboard United Airlines Flight 93.

“That plane was headed for the U.S. Capitol, and so I think it’s important that every year we go to Shanksville and we remember those who fought: the flight attendants, the captains, the pilots, all of those who fought to save those lives,” the first lady said.

She said her 9/11 message is, “We will never forget. We will never forget.”

“There were so many things swirling that day because I was worried about Joe’s safety, but I just could not imagine that my sister was on one of those flights,” the first lady said.

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