Greg Gutfeld Mocks Democrats’ Hyperbolic Smears Against Republicans

 Fox News host Greg Gutfeld mocked Democrats for transferring their hyperbolic attacks from one Republican to the next as it became politically expedient.

The host of “Gutfeld!” joined his co-hosts on the network’s drive-time panel show “The Five,” where the topic turned to Governors Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and Greg Abbott (R-TX) and their plan to continue busing or flying illegal migrants from their states to liberal enclaves and self-proclaimed “sanctuary cities.”


“Obviously I think it’s brilliant,” Gutfeld said of the plan. “You can call it a stunt, you can say they’re using people as props, but that’s how the Republicans — Republicans learned that from the Democrats.”

“The ball has been moved down the field on this. The immediate Democratic response has not been to attack the problem with solutions, but to attack the person with the solutions, which is DeSantis, right?” Gutfeld continued, adding that watching the Democrats attempt to spin the story had been entertaining to him.

“They believe that the whole goal of Republicans now is to, quote, ‘own the libs.’ No. It was simply to attract attention to a problem. You are owning yourself,” he added. “That just happens to be icing on the cake, right?”

Gutfeld went on to note that the Democrats’ insistence on labeling a Republican boogeyman would eventually come back to bite them.

“I think when Democrats realize there’s a new formidable Republican, you know, out there, suddenly you have a new Hitler. Then the old Hitler — well, maybe he’s not so bad. Suddenly The New York Times is saying how Trump is kinder and gentler, and is funny, and he never took himself seriously, and charming. That’s — so now, the guy they called Hitler is now not Hitler, because DeSantis — you can’t — you can’t — not everybody can be Hitler at once, right?” Gutfeld kept at it.

“This is obviously what happened when they demonized Romney, and then when Trump came along, then Romney became a statesman. When it was Romney, he was evil before McCain became a moderate,” he explained. “So they do this all the time.”

Gutfeld concluded by saying that Republicans needed to do a better job when it came to immigration, and that it might just all boil down to pronouns: Instead of complaining about “them” — the migrants — he said that Republicans should focus on themselves.

“We need to use the pronoun ‘we’ and say we need a process overhaul, we need to make it easier for people to come in to this country through a process,” he said.

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