LGBT demonstrators disrupt Straight Pride parade in California for the second straight year

 The Straight Pride parade in front of a Planned Parenthood (PP) clinic in Modesto, California, was once again disrupted by LGBT demonstrators. The Straight Pride protesters numbering around 30 were overwhelmed by their opponents.

This was not the first time a Straight Pride march organized by the National Straight Pride Coalition (NSPC) was interrupted by supporters of the LGBT community. The 2021 edition of the march saw its participants – including members of the Proud Boys – clash with counter-protesters.

The Straight Pride parade was held for the fourth straight year last Aug. 27.

The NSPC is backing heterosexuality, the natural nuclear family, Western civilization, White identity, Christianity and nationalism. Members of the Proud Boys joined the Straight Pride rally when it arrived in front of the PP clinic.

According to the Modesto Bee, LGBT counter-protesters met the Straight Pride parade head-on. The LGBT demonstrators were draped in rainbow flags and held signs saying, “Fascists not welcome here.” Police officers from the Modesto Police Department (MPD) quietly assembled on bikes and patrol cars crossed McHenry Avenue in a bid to separate the two factions.

The LGBT crowd threw water bottles at their foes across the street when one member of the Pride Boys tried to breach the police line. A blast went off, and a firework ballooned from the street in red streaks. Another blast, this time from a smoke bomb, ignited a nearby bush.

This served as a signal for the police officers to declare an “unlawful gathering” and step in.


More than 25 law enforcement officers in tactical gear intervened. They used bean bag guns to control the crowd. Officers from the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene to back up the MPD units and close off the street.

Meanwhile, the Straight Pride marchers went behind the police line and stayed in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. The counter-protesters relocated to Roosevelt Neighborhood Park. Law enforcement withdrew by 12:15 p.m., but the stretch of McHenry Avenue remained strewn with litter.

Three arrested in Straight Pride parade incident

MPD spokeswoman Sharon Bear said three were arrested as of the afternoon of Aug. 27 for “failure to disperse.” Two were part of the Straight Pride march, while one was a demonstrator from the LGBT crowd.

Two businesses situated near the site of the conflict spoke to the Bee about the riots.

Tony Manriquez, one of the owners of Modesto Window Tint, said his establishment blasted Mexican music from its outside speakers. He did so following a request from the LGBT demonstrators, in a bid to drown out a preacher who was part of the Straight Pride rally.  

Manriquez then changed the music to the 1985 song “We Are The World” as the chants against the preacher became louder. “We’re neutral. We’re just window tinters, man,” he said.

After the rally subsided, the business owner closed the front entrance to Modesto Window Tint, but did not shut down for the day. He turned off the music “only because the cops were right there.”

Another business, Five Star Inc., decried the incident. LGBT demonstrators who challenged the Straight Pride rally congregated at the used car dealership, which had polished trucks surrounding the building.

“I feel like I’m not making any money because they messed everything up for us,” said one Five Star employee who did not provide his name. 


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