LAWLESS MI AG Dana Nessel Also Threatened Black, Republican SOS Candidate Kristina Karamo With “FELONY”Charges On LIVE Facebook Stream During Trump Rally Speech [VIDEO]

 On Monday, it was revealed that Michigan’s lawless Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel was attempting to shop around in Oakland Co., MI, for a special prosecutor who would agree to go after her political opponent, the Trump-endorsed Constitutional Attorney Matt DePerno, in the November 2022 election. Today, during an interview on WJR-760, Matt DePerno suggested that Dana Nessel could be charged with a huge FEC violation for using taxpayer money to smear a political opponent during a campaign.

This isn’t the first time Michigan’s lawless AG baselessly threatened a political opponent with criminal charges.

On April 2, during a speech by MI Republican Secretary of State candidate Kristina Karamo at a Trump rally in Washington, MI, Nessel also threatened the young, black female Republican hoping to unseat Nessel’s far-left Democrat friend, SOS Jocelyn Benson.

While Karamo repeatedly brought the huge crowd to their feet with her barnburner speech, Michigan’s lawless Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel was hosting a Facebook “watch party” with two of her Democrat friends, MI State Senator Jeff Erwin and Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum. As the trio sat and watched Kristina Karamo in real-time, Michigan’s top law enforcement officer, Dana Nessel (who behaves more like a Gossip Girl than an attorney general), threatened her with criminal action for calling out MI Democrat SOS Benson for threatening and accusing anyone who had legitimate questions about the results of the 2020 election of lying or pushing “disinformation.”

MI Dem Senator Jeff Erwin helped Nessel to set the stage for her threat by suggesting the wildly popular MI GOP candidate for SOS Kristina Karamo should “expect to be held accountable” for “pushing lies” about the election of 2020. MI Dem AG Dana Nessel jumped in to inform her co-host, Sen. Jeff Erwin, in front of her (very small) audience, “There’s actually more to it than that!” Nessel threatened, “And that’s that when you disseminate disinformation in a way that would cause a person to be deterred from voting, it’s an actual felony!” Instead of challenging her, the feckless Democrat senator shook his head in agreement as Nessel’s lapdog clerk friend Barb Byrum smirked.

Kristina Karamo knocked it out of the ballpark with her epic speech about standing up to crooked elected officials who threaten the citizens she’s elected to represent over their concerns about election fraud. Her speech, which laid bare the truth about Democrat SOS Jocelyn Benson, received at least four rousing standing ovations and clearly shook Michigan’s AG Dana Nessel enough to threaten her with criminal charges.

There were no charges ever filed against Karamo as threatened. As anyone who’s watched the lawless MI AG operate over the past three years, Nessel’s vacant threat was nothing more than a warning to Karamo and her supporters that she is watching them and is eager to use her position as a tool to punish her political enemies.

In yet another example of MI Dem AG Dana Nessel using her position as a tool to threaten her political enemies, only one week after the hotly contested November 2020 election, Dana Nessel threatened a young reporter with criminal charges for releasing an audio recording of a Detroit election official training incoming workers for the 2020 election about how to deal with GOP poll challengers.

Among other things, the woman training the group of election workers can be heard telling the election workers to “Call 9-11” if the poll challengers get closer than 6 feet to them. “That’s important,” she tells them, explaining, “because they can come behind your table, and if they don’t have 6 feet, they can’t come behind your table.” She continues, “But if you don’t have 6 feet, they can’t come back there !” The elections trainer appears to be mocking the poll watchers and challengers, as the crowd of trainees laugh.

The election trainer can be heard telling the workers that provisional ballots are a waste of time because election officials are just going to throw them away anyhow. She explains that if a voter comes into the polling place and their records show he already voted, but the voter claims they didn’t vote (their vote may have been stolen by someone else), that they can take his vote, but it’s just going to be thrown away. “Where’s it going?” she asked about the provisional ballots. “We have how many days?” she asks, replying, “Six!” She continued, asking the workers she’s training, “So, what’s the department of elections going to do with them?” She answered her own question, telling them that election officials are going to, “Destroy it!”

The audio can be heard here:

The reporter, Shane Trejo, received a shocking letter from the office of AG Dana Nessel dated Oct. 28, 2020. The letter cites two or three factual errors in the bulk of Trejo’s reporting and demands (on behalf of the Michigan government) to take every single article related to #DetroitLeaks off the internet. The letter falsely claims that the video contains false and misleading information about the election. If this is true, shouldn’t the election official be held responsible and not the reporter who shared the evidence of an election official planting a bias against Republican poll challengers prior to the Nov. 2020 election?

Shane received the letter on Monday, Nov. 10, 2020. It was dated October 28, 2020.

Are we still living in America? Have Americans allowed Democrats to push us so far that we don’t even have any way to hold these lawless elected officials accountable for their constant barrage of threats and intimidating behavior?

LAWLESS MI AG Dana Nessel Also Threatened Black, Republican SOS Candidate Kristina Karamo With “FELONY”Charges On LIVE Facebook Stream During Trump Rally Speech [VIDEO] LAWLESS MI AG Dana Nessel Also Threatened Black, Republican SOS Candidate Kristina Karamo With “FELONY”Charges On LIVE Facebook Stream During Trump Rally Speech [VIDEO] Reviewed by Your Destination on August 10, 2022 Rating: 5

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