Steven Crowder Asked Americans If They’re Proud Of Their Country — Here’s What They Said

 Conservative comedian and political commentator Steven Crowder took to the streets of Dallas to ask Americans how they feel about their country for his newest episode of “Talking With The People” released on Independence Day.

What Crowder heard from the people on the streets suggests that Americans have more pride in their country than what the legacy media portrays.

“I spoke to an eclectic mix of people coming from very different walks in life, but all of them seemed to share one thing in common, so let’s see if you can pick it out. It won’t be too hard to find it,” Crowder told The Daily Wire in a blurb for his new video.

The first couple the conservative comedian talked to, Fate and Laura, told him they “absolutely” have pride in America. “We were homeless for a long time,” Fate told Crowder. “If it wasn’t for the … determination and some of the people out here helping us and giving us this, that, and the other every now and then, man, we would’ve drowned.”

Fate went on to explain how a fellow American blessed them with an opportunity to move to Waterloo, Iowa, where they found work and a life that got them on their feet. Fate’s wife Laura then said the people in Waterloo are “wonderful,” and when Crowder asked about Iowa being a largely white state, Fate, who is black, said the blue-collar workers in places like Waterloo don’t emphasize race.

“Waterloo is a blue-collar city. When it comes to blue-collar, man, sometimes people – they don’t think about anything else, you know what I’m saying, and that’s the way the world should be,” Fate said.

Another woman Crowder briefly chatted with also said she was “absolutely” proud to be an American. “You can walk around, you can do things like this on a Saturday without any worries or any people telling you what to do or where you’re supposed to be,” she said, adding, “You can live and make money how you want.”

“That’s a pretty good answer,” Crowder responded.

Crowder then stopped to talk to a young man who came to the U.S. from South Korea and said his family doesn’t celebrate Independence Day “that much,” explaining that, because his family is Asian, they are not really “in the American spirit.”

Yet, he still told Crowder he was proud to be an American. “America is 100% a great country,” he said. “But then again, of course everyone knows, there’s the highs and the lows.”

Crowder pressed him further, asking if he would say that even though America isn’t perfect, it’s the best country in the world. “That’s a hard one,” the young man responded, saying he isn’t educated enough to give a good answer. “It’s up there though.” He then proceeded to tell Crowder that he “100%” prefers the U.S. over South Korea.

Crowder said his interviews with people on the streets in Dallas are proof that Americans refuse to be as divided as the media and politicians make it seem.

“America is the greatest country in the world, and Americans know it, even if half of their elected representatives in the government are busy trying to tell them to feel otherwise,” Crowder said. “Happy Independence Day! And God Bless America!”

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