Most Democrats Don’t Want Biden To Run In 2024, New York Times Poll Shows

 It’s not just Republicans who want President Joe Biden out of office.

A new poll found that 64% of Democratic voters want someone else to run in the 2024 presidential campaign. Biden’s approval rating is down to a third of all Americans, according to the New York Times/Siena College poll. Just 26% of Democratic voters said the party should renominate Biden.

The Times wrote that public concern about the economy and inflation “helped turn the national mood decidedly dark” both on Biden and the direction of the nation. The findings showed that the nation’s growing pessimism “spans every corner of the country, every age range and racial group, cities, suburbs and rural areas, as well as both political parties,” the Times wrote.

The poll also found that just 13% of those surveyed think the nation was on the right track. That’s the lowest point in Times’ polling since the financial crisis of 2008.

In addition to Democrats, independents have also soured on Biden. More than two-thirds (69%) of independents disapprove of Biden’s job performance — with nearly half (48%) disapproving “strongly.”

The bad-news poll followed another report in the Times that scrutinized Biden’s age and lucidity in a way the liberal news outlet has hitherto avoided.

The piece pointed out that Biden, at 79 years old, is already older than Ronald Reagan was when he left office. And the paper said Biden would be 86 at the end of his tenure,” ‘testing the outer boundaries of age and the presidency.’”

The paper tried to run some cover for the beleaguered president, who often misspeaks in speeches and looks frail. The piece cited sources saying he” ‘remained intellectually engaged, asking smart questions at meetings, grilling aides on points of dispute, [and] calling them late at night.’”

Yet there was one very uncharacteristic paragraph. “‘But they acknowledged Mr. Biden looks older than just a few years ago, a political liability that cannot be solved by traditional White House stratagems like staff shake-ups or new communications plans. His energy level, while impressive for a man of his age, is not what it was, and some aides quietly watch out for him. He often shuffles when he walks, and aides worry he will trip on a wire. He stumbles over words during public events, and they hold their breath to see if he makes it to the end without a gaffe,’” the article said.

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