Dutch Police Open Fire on 16-Year-Old Farm Boy as Mass Protests Shut Down Globalist Reset Plans


Thousands of Dutch farmers are blockading highways and food distribution centers to protest new Nitrogen rules that will force approx. 30% of Dutch cattle farms out of business, according to government estimates. Police opened fire on a 16-year-old in a tractor yesterday, videos show. The boy is now in jail.

In Eindhoven, thousands of citizens joined the protest.

Farmers sprayed the town hall of Lochem with liquid manure.


The government deployed armored units to protect Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam.


In Alkmaar, farmers with tractors besieged a police station to force the release of protestors in custody.

Over 20 distribution centers of major supermarket chains were affected. Riot police deployed with batons and tear gas to evict protestors.

On the A32 highway near Heerenveen, police officers shot at a tractor, claiming it tried to run a roadblock. However, Twitter videos of the scene showed officers threatening the tractor with guns drawn, which then swerved and fled as officers opened fire.


A Twitter image allegedly showed one of the bullet holes.

Twitter users identified the tractor driver as 16-year old Jouke, who is said to be in custody and charged with attempted manslaughter.

Other videos showed police officers stopping civilian cars with guns drawn.

Dutch fishermen joined the protests, blockading ports in IJmuiden, Harlingen,and Lauwerszoog.

Despite their small size, roughly as big as Maryland, the Netherlands are the world’s second-largest exporter of agricultural products after the USA.  EU  rules aim to cut Nitrogen emissions by 50% by 2030, potentially putting 30% of Dutch cattle ranchers out of business.

Nitrogen is a naturally occurring element which makes up 78% of the atmosphere. It is not poisonous.

Canadian website Counter Signal wrote: “The World Economic Forum controlled Dutch government announced last week an end to modern farming – putting harsh controls on nitrogen, and spelling the end to thousands of family farms.   

 In response, Dutch farmers took a page out of the Canadian Freedom Convoy playbook. They took to the highways, blockaded borders, and launched massive protests.

 So far, the global media has vilified the farmers, brushing aside their concerns with the New World Order-style policy, and propagating government lines. 

Farmers are worried that this will is one step closer to a global food crisis and total government control of the food supply.”


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