Biden Hits New Low, Crashes to 29 Percent Approval in CIVIQS Poll

 Joe Biden’s presidency is foundering. Poll after poll shows astonishing numbers of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track. AP: 85 percent wrong track; Gallup: 87 percent wrong track; Monmouth: 88 percent wrong track.

Joe Biden has lost the plot and can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Now comes news Biden has crashed though the 30 percent approval barrier in the daily CIVIQS tracking poll, hitting a new low of just 29 percent approval by registered voters. Biden’s disapproval remains at his record high of 58 percent where it has been for nearly the past two weeks. A gender gap of nine points is keeping Biden afloat, barely. 25 percent of men approve of Biden while 34 percent of women approve Biden.

The CIVIQS poll is 50 states of bad news for Biden. He is below fifty percent approval in every state and ‘above water’ in just two: Hawaii (46-41) and Vermont (43-40).

No other state has Biden above 38 percent approval while a majority have his approval in the teens and twenties. The lowest approving state for Biden is Wyoming at 16 percent. Good luck there, Liz Cheney!

Party ID approval for Biden is a dismal 63 percent among Democrats and one percent among Republicans. Biden’s approval by independents is back to his low among that group at 19 percent.

Biden’s approval by race/ethnicity is also dismal. Only 55 percent of Black voters approve of Biden while 36 percent of Hispanic voters and 24 percent of White voters approve of Biden. Reminder: Richard Nixon was at 24 percent approval in the days before he resigned the presidency in August 1974.

The youth vote doesn’t appear likely to save Biden: He has just 20 percent approval among 18 to 34 year-olds and 27 percent among 35-49 year-olds. 50-64 year-olds give Biden 33 percent approval while those 65 and older give Biden the most support at 38 percent (“Do I think Biden likes pudding? Yes! I like pudding too”).

Gallup Poll released last week showed only 23 percent of Americans have confidence in the presidency–a fifteen point drop in one year thanks to Biden–and the lowest since Gallup started asking the question nearly 50 years ago.

CIVIQS is the outlier among Biden’a approval numbers, but the trend is not his friend. Two major polls have Biden hitting new lows recently in the mid thirties. Monmouth 36 and Reuters/Ipsos 36.

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