Whitlock: Lia Thomas’ swimming title repulses and alarms people who are ‘lie-phobic’

 Lia Thomas, the male swimmer competing at the NCAA women’s national championship, is just another log on the fire of lies engulfing America.

According to the headlines, Thomas made history Thursday night, winning the 500 freestyle by nearly two seconds, becoming the first transgender woman to win a Division I national title.

If you object to this obscenity, corporate and social media argue that you do so out of fear of Thomas and other transgenders. Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post articulated the prevailing sentiment Thursday morning, writing:

“To exclude trans athletes from elite competition, out of our own constricting fears and uncertainty, is wrong, harmfully so.”

See, you’re transphobic. You have an “aversion or hostility to, disdain for, or fear of transgender people.”

I don’t fear Lia Thomas. I have no aversion to, hostility toward, or disdain for him. There are those of us who are lie-phobic. We have an aversion and hostility to, disdain for, and fear of lies, particularly falsities codified into culture, rules, and law. 

We see an avalanche of lies transforming our once great nation into the United States of Lies and Chaos. We see the uprooting of truth and the empowerment of falsehoods as the climate change that will destroy the planet. 

Lia Thomas has no business swimming against women. He has a penis. He spent his first 20 years on this planet living and competing as a man. Despite two years of hormone treatment, he has the shoulders, size, and build of a man. His reduced testosterone level doesn’t qualify him for womanhood. God hands out those qualifications inside the womb. We recognize those credentials on a birth certificate.

There are those of us who still believe man’s "science" does not trump God’s truth.

I harbor no ill will toward Lia Thomas. He is a pawn being used in the devil’s game of deception. My animus is saved for Satan’s collaborators: the atheists, agnostics, and so-called Christians who helped build the inferno of lies Thomas just joined. America’s coalition of liars touches every demographic, every faith, and every political faction.

America can’t reject the Lia Thomas lie because we’ve swallowed too many of the others:

  • January 6 was an insurrection comparable to Pearl Harbor and 9/11.
  • Police are killing black men so randomly that black people should live in fear of routine traffic stops.
  • America was founded in 1619, when it enslaved its first black person. Securing our southern border is racist.
  • The N-word is a harmless term of endearment when used by black people.
  • The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution are invalid and irredeemably racist because our Founding Fathers owned slaves.
  • George Floyd is a hero worthy of memorials and monuments.
  • Marriage between a man and a woman is no different from marriage between two people of the same sex.
  • Obese women (and men) are perfectly healthy.
  • Abortion isn’t murder or immoral. It’s proof women are equal.
  • Masks stop the spread of COVID.
  • No, wait, experimental medical trials (vaccines) stop the spread of COVID.
  • Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James are bright public intellectuals sincerely challenging the establishment’s racism.
  • Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler.
  • No, wait, Vladimir Putin is Adolf Hitler.

America is a smorgasbord of lies. White lies. Black lies. Brown lies. Gender lies. Political lies. Racial lies. The lies make chaos and division inevitable. Our fear and reluctance to confront and combat these lies doom this nation.

Lia Thomas isn’t the problem. His gender dysphoria is not new. There have been men who felt like women since the beginning of time. The rest of us are the problem. Rather than treat Thomas’ dysphoria, we have chosen to adopt it as our own, normalize it, and build a world obedient to feelings over truth.

A children’s hospital in Portland has issued an instruction manual for young boys on how to tuck their penises. Citigroup, the banking conglomerate, announced it will pay the travel expenses for employees seeking out-of-state abortions.

The United States of Lies supports and financially rewards immorality. People who object to and/or warn that the tsunami of lies will be our undoing are demonized and punished. So most of us play along. We suffer in silence, hoping the insanity will reach a level of absurdity that erases the legitimacy of all of it.

We underestimate the strength of the ties that bind America’s coalition of liars. Lying to yourself is similar to pregnancy. You can’t be a little bit deceitful. One lie leads to the acceptance of the next lie.

Nikole Hannah-Jones, the author of the New York Times' 1619 Project, cannot speak against the Lia Thomas lie because she knows that could make the LGBTQ+ crowd challenge her 1619 lie.

You follow? The liars have to stick together. 

A Black Lives Matter supporter can’t publicly question the sanity of allowing illegal immigrants to flood our southern border because he or she fears scrutiny of the sanity of BLM.

Reverend Al Sharpton can’t criticize same-sex marriage. Race hustlers and sexuality hustlers formed an alliance 60 years ago. Sharpton must support COVID and mask hysteria. His lies force him to embrace their lies. He joined NATO for liars.

It’s likely you did, too. Thinking it would bring peace, you probably jumped on board with same-sex marriage, or the myth that Jan. 6 was a horrifying, deadly conflict between police and white supremacists, or that George Floyd played no role in his own death, or there’s nothing wrong with black people calling each other the N-word.

Lies do not promote or deliver peace. They foment disorder. Lia Thomas is out of order because we’ve ingested a buffet of lies for far too long.

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