Mayo Clinic Releases Bizarre Rebuttal to Claim that “Kids Aren’t Affected Much by COVID-19”


Of course, COVID is affecting kids but the major effects are due to the medical community’s over-reactions and despotic orders and not due to the coronavirus itself.  

Respect for the US medical community has greatly diminished since the beginning of COVID.

Doctors around the country just followed orders rather than looked at the data.  Still today doctors are pushing their clients to take the COVID vaccine.  (I visited a doctor the other day and he said not taking the COVID vaccine is like “riding a bike without a helmet”.)  Yet we’ve reported multiple instances where individuals have gotten sick, injured, or even died from the vaccine.  We’ve watched people lose their jobs for not taking the experimental vaccine and yet people are still contracting COVID once they’ve received the vaccine.

COVID’s impact on children was almost negligible from the start.  We knew in early 2020 that the disease was not killing children (almost without exception), and those dying from COVID were the elderly and sickly with comorbidities.  This has never changed.

The argument that children are not dying from the disease led people to ask why children were kept home from school or made them wear masks when in public?

The Mayo Clinic responded to these obvious questions recently by releasing information that “COVID is affecting kids”.  But their argument is that their actions have the most significant negative impacts on children and not COVID itself.  Yet they walk around this and don’t address it.    

The response from the clinic starts by pushing the vaccine on children.

One of the most common questions parents ask Dr. Ameenuddin is whether children really need to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

“What I’ve stressed to them is that we’ve actually gotten a lot of good information over the past couple of years (about COVID-19’s effects on children), especially the last year, that the vaccines are incredibly effective in preventing very severe side effects,” says Dr. Ameenuddin.

One particular rare and serious side effect of COVID-19 is multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, or MIS-C. Dr. Ameenuddin says among those who have gotten multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, almost all were unvaccinated.

“Vaccination, even if a child still gets sick, makes them much less likely to be sick enough to be hospitalized or die, which, unfortunately, has been happening.”

What the Mayo Clinic does not share is the support for these statements.  Also, there are reports that the medical community gets paid for COVID-related responses and Big Pharma is given freedom from liability when enough children are given their vaccines.   These items are not discussed in their report.

The clinic provides some bizarre reasons for giving children the vaccine and then jumps into the many negative side effects that children are suffering from but these are related to the medical community’s responses and actions and not COVID itself.

Why is this not discussed?  What happened to the medical community’s desire to get to the root cause of health issues?

Unfortunately, this message from the once brilliant and respected Mayo Clinic fell flat. 

Mayo Clinic Releases Bizarre Rebuttal to Claim that “Kids Aren’t Affected Much by COVID-19” Mayo Clinic Releases Bizarre Rebuttal to Claim that “Kids Aren’t Affected Much by COVID-19” Reviewed by Your Destination on March 28, 2022 Rating: 5

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