Unapologetic mom and CEO sounds the alarm: ‘Our babies are under attack’

 Over in Colombia, the country’s highest court this week ruled in favor of decriminalizing abortion in the first twenty-four weeks of pregnancy.

Abortion rights supporters gathered outside the courthouse in Bogotá under green umbrellas, adorned in green handkerchiefs – the symbol adopted for abortion rights that began in Argentina – and upon hearing the announcement that the ruling had gone in their favor, erupted in fits of joy.

The case was brought to the high court by Causa Justa, the coalition of abortion rights groups, the New York Times reported. Activists present at the courthouse this week, and quoted by the NYT, appeared to gloat about the group’s ‘legal strategy,’ ‘tactics,’ and the impact they’d have on Americans.

“We are going to inspire people in the United States to defend the rights set out in Roe v. Wade,” said Catalina Martínez Coral, Colombian lawyer and member of Causa Justa.

Their celebratory displays did inspire one American, but maybe not in the way they hoped.

Sara Gonzales, mother of two, CEO of American Beauty, and Blaze TV host of "The News & Why It Matters," made it clear she would not be standing idly by as women continued to rejoice in favor of the idea that it is okay to hurt a child – and neither should you, she challenged.

“The children of this world are under assault every day," Sara said. “Whether they are being trafficked at the border, killed by their own mothers in the womb…our babies are under attack.”

“Let me just ask you, that every chance you get, you fight. You fight for your babies, you fight for my babies…we have to save our children, NOW," Gonzales proclaimed. “We have to make some noise. We have to piss people off. We need to be as bold and unapologetic about SAVING our babies, as they are about killing them.”

“And you need to do it now, before it is too late," Gonzales concluded.

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