Mark Levin unpacks the origins of weaponized science

 How did science and COVID become such a political hot potato? The answers likely go back to climate change. As Mark points out, compliant media and Big Tech have moved to suppress dissent at every level, and ideology has trumped science and discovery.

Elites in government and the scientists they subsidize have hijacked science and weaponized it, and they wield it like a sword readied to cut down anyone who challenges the popular narrative.

In this part two of "The Death of Science" series, Mark Levin unpacks how a world in which science is the chosen religion of those in power, following "the science" means treading on dangerous ground. He later explains the underlying meaning of "follow the science."

Issues like climate change and COVID, for example, are used by scientists and politicians to control what people hear and say and to discourage dissent. "This is because the debate on science is actually a debate on politics. And the debate on politics is actually a debate on conformity and is actually not a debate at all," Mark explains.

Mark identifies another glaring problem under the current political system - the way protections are in place to cover the backsides of the ruling class and all of their subjects who faithfully "follow the science."

"The reason we have more scientists who push the idea of climate change, and the sky is falling is that they subsidize," Mark tells us—adding that anyone who dares to ask questions finds themselves labeled a "denier."

It is difficult to challenge Mark on this point, especially when you consider the left's vicious attacks on anyone who dares to question the popular narrative.

The tragic reality here is how dissent is demoted into oblivion as "misinformation."

Watch the clip to hear more from Mark. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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