Tucker Carlson: Biden’s Southern Border Policy ‘A Direct Assault On Our Democracy’ (VIDEO)


During a recent monologue on his show, Tucker Carlson suggested that what Biden has done at the southern border is the most destructive thing any administration has done.

He noted the actual number of people crossing the southern border on a monthly basis and compared it to urban populations in America.

The numbers really are staggering. Biden deserves to be impeached over this.

Here’s a partial transcript via FOX News:

Jupiter is a pretty little town on the east coast of Florida — it’s about 90 miles north of Miami. It’s not a huge place. It’s a safe and orderly place. Tons of nice people live there. Not all of them, by the way, are rich, which is unusual for a coastal town. It’s a normal place. In other words, it’s the country you remember. You wouldn’t mind living there, for sure.

But over the weekend, Jupiter, Florida, looked less like the America of 1980 and more like the America that Joe Biden is busy creating right now, which is to say chaotic, crazy, out-of-control. Families sitting on the beach in Jupiter this Sunday watch slack-jawed as a boat carrying dozens of unemployed, illegal immigrant Haitians suddenly pulled up onshore. The people inside the boat hopped out, ran through the waves, and scattered. Not what you expect on a Sunday on the beach, but not everybody in Jupiter was surprised to see this happen. Another boat full of Haitians had landed there just that summer, so it’s becoming a regular occurrence in Jupiter, Florida.

In the end, this Sunday federal authorities caught a number of the migrants, according to Customs and Border Protection. The Haitians will be processed for removal proceedings. Feel better? You shouldn’t. That doesn’t mean they’re being sent home. In fact, most of them will not be sent home. Most will stay here forever.

They didn’t come here legally — they came here illegally. Data compiled by Syracuse University shows the results of immigration hearings so far under Joe Biden. More than 70 percent of illegal aliens have been allowed to stay in your country after their so-called deportation proceedings. There’s no deportation involved.

This is the key line:

You cannot overstate the scale of demographic change underway right now in the United States. It’s a direct assault on our democracy.

Watch the whole thing below:

Democrats must be made to pay a political price for this, and they just might.

Next November.

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