Oregon Health Authority: 622 Fully Vaccinated Residents Died Of COVID


We were told the experimental COVID vaccines were going to “stop the spread.”

Yet, over 620 residents of Oregon died of COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated, recently published state data shows.

According to statistics from the Oregon Health Authority, a total of 622 fully Covid-vaccinated residents died from COVID since the start of the pandemic.

Of those who died of Covid, 314 were recipients of the Pfizer vaccine, 167 were recipients of the Moderna vaccine and 84 were recipients of the Johnson and Johnson shot.

Oregon Health Authority data as well as data from the Center for Disease Control falls deaf on the ears of politicians who are hellbent on prolonging the pandemic.

Despite the alarming number of vaccine-related deaths, the federal government and illegitimate President of the United States continue to urge Americans to get vaccinated.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden spent 22 minutes scolding unvaccinated Americans for harming those who have been vaccinated and claiming the unvaccinated are most vulnerable to dying from Covid.

“If you’re not fully vaccinated, you have good reason to be concerned,” Biden said. “Almost everyone who has died from COVID-19 in the past many months has been unvaccinated. Unvaccinated.”

“You’re putting other people at risk — your loved ones, your friends, neighbors, strangers,” he said to unvaccinated Americans. “You may think you’re putting only yourself at risk. But, it’s your choice. Your choice is not just about you, it affects other people. You’re putting other people at risk. Your loved ones, your friends, neighbors, strangers you run into, and your choice can be the difference between life or death. The longer the virus is around, the more likely variants form that may be deadlier than the ones that have come before.”

The Biden White House even issued a statement on Monday threatening the unvaccinated with severe illness and death for their families if they remain unvaccinated this winter.

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