Experts Claim Fully Vaccinated Individuals With Breakthrough Infections Will Develop “Super-Immunity” – Also Called Natural Immunity?


In the latest ridiculous claim to promote the experimental vaccine, researchers from the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) are now saying that fully vaccinated individuals who experience a breakthrough Covid-19 infection will develop “super-immunity” from the virus.

Earlier this week, OHSU released a study titled “Antibody Response and Variant Cross-Neutralization After SARS-CoV-2 Breakthrough Infection” that showed a massive spike in antibodies in individuals who were fully vaccinated after they experienced an infection.

The participant’s immune response was so powerful that researchers deemed recovering from Covid is an unbelievable “1,021 percent” increase than the protection provided by the experimental vaccine without catching the virus. 

From the study:

Results of this study showed substantial boosting of humoral immunity after breakthrough infection, despite predominantly mild disease.

In breakthrough cases against the Delta variant [were] 2482 (95% CI, 1072-4923), compared with 243 (95%CI, 118-336) for controls (1021% increase; P < .001) (Figure 2A).

Sera from Delta breakthrough cases displayed improved potency against the Delta variant at 99% (95% CI, 73-151) of WA1 neutralization for each participant, compared with 36% (95% CI, 33-52) for non-Delta cases and 41% (95% CI, 24-56) for controls (Figure 2B).

Simple translation: The vaccines don’t work – the data clearly shows that in order to gain an effective immune response against Covid, one must take the jab, catch the virus, and recover.

So what exactly is the point of the vaccines again? 

Yet somehow, the study’s authors conclude that vaccines give you “super-immunity,” and say we need “variant boosters with antigenic inserts” in order to combat future mutations of the virus.

What a joke. Is this truly what science has been reduced to?

Not only does their own data prove that the *fully* vaccinated have a 1,000 percent less effective immune response because of a substantial lack of antibodies provided by the vaccine, but researchers also did not include ANY unvaccinated individuals to serve as a control group to compare the results to, which creates a massive flaw in their claims.

Fully vaccinated health care workers subsequently diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infection based on a positive polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test result were sequentially recruited at the Oregon Health & Science University between January 31, 2021, and August 18, 2021. Only those with no history of previous infection whose test results were negative for nucleocapsid antibodies were included.

Controls were fully vaccinated individuals without a breakthrough infection matched on sex, age, time between vaccine doses, and time between sample collection and most recent antigen exposure (PCR confirmation for those with breakthrough infection and final vaccine dose for controls).”

As the Gateway Pundit and several others have extensively reported, study after study shows that unvaccinated individuals also experience a robust immune response and high antibody levels – thanks to a little something called natural immunity – which predictably, is something the OHSU ‘experts’ conveniently and completely fail to mention in their research.

It’s no surprise that the OHSU researchers found out that recovering from Covid naturally after vaccination would be beneficial – just add their study to the list – but crediting the vaccine as having anything to do with it, is borderline laughable.

Experts Claim Fully Vaccinated Individuals With Breakthrough Infections Will Develop “Super-Immunity” – Also Called Natural Immunity? Experts Claim Fully Vaccinated Individuals With Breakthrough Infections Will Develop “Super-Immunity” – Also Called Natural Immunity? Reviewed by Your Destination on December 23, 2021 Rating: 5

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