Victor Orbán to Tucker: “We are Fighting for National Identity and Traditional Christianity”

 Tucker Carlson was in Hungary this week and interviewed Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Thursday. Orbán called Hungary’s firm border policy “the only reasonable behavior. If someone crosses your border without getting permission from the Hungarian state, you have to defend your border…. If you want to come, there’s a legal procedure.”

Many European countries had “decided to open a new chapter in the history of their nations”, Orbán said. “They call it the New Society, which is a post-Christian, post-national society. They believe firmly, that if different communities, even huge numbers of Muslims and Christian communities are mixed up, the outcome will be good.”

No one can know whether the outcome will good or bad, Orbán said, “but I think it’s very risky.” Each nation has the choice to take such a risk or not, and Hungary had decided not to take that risk, the Hungarian PM said.

Tucker Carlson pointed out it had been six years since German Chancellor Angela Merkel made the decision to let millions of migrants into her country. “What have the effects been in Germany?”, Tucker asked Orbán.

“They took the risk and now, they got what they deserved. That’s their life. I would not like to make any categories to describe what was the outcome of their decision. I only insist on that Hungarians have the right to make our own choice”, Orbán said.

Asked about constant attacks on Hungary by left-wing media and even “President” Joe Biden, who called Orbán a “thug”, Orbán credited Hungary’s success as “a real challenge for  liberal thinkers”: “What is going on here is building up a society, which is very successful, economically, politically, culturally, even in demography we have some success, in family policy.” The Hungarian success story “is totally different than is wished” by Western liberals, Orbán said.

“Western liberals cannot accept that inside Western civilization, there’s a conservative national alternative which is more successful at everyday life than the liberal ones. That’s the reason why they criticize us. They are fighting for themselves, not against us. But we are an example that a country based on traditional values, on national identity, based on tradition of Christianity could be successful, even more successful than  leftist liberal governments.”

British YouTuber Sargon of Akkad summarized Tucker Carlson’s reporting from Hungary this week, hilarously sending up the faux outrage from Cancel Culture:

Predictably, the intolerant, extremist left has gone crazy over Tucker’s visit to Hungary. Orbán spokesman Zoltán Kovács fired back at the ‘Fever Swamps of Liberal Twittersphere’, which claimed the Hungarians had paid Tucker for the visit: “Why on earth would we pay for an interview? PM Orbán and gov’t get interview requests all the time. The suggestion that there was some quid pro quo is laughable,” Kovács tweeted late on Wednesday. “Here’s an alternative headline: Reporters who slam Tucker Carlson for being a conspiracist fabricate crazy right-wing conspiracy theory to explain TV personality’s visit to Hungary.”

Conservative Rod Dreher, who is also spending a sabbatical in Budapest, skewered Neocons and RINOs for attacking Carlson and Orbán:

Tucker In Budapest: Blowing People’s Minds“.

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