Taliban Kills Woman For Not Wearing A Burqa, While News Outlets Continue To Echo False Narrative From Taliban


On the same day that the Taliban proclaimed a new commitment to women’s rights, militants shot and murdered a woman because she was not wearing a burqa.

According to Fox News, an Afghan female laying in a pool of her own blood after being shot by a Taliban fighter in Afghanistan’s Takhar region was featured in a picture released on Tuesday. In a public statement the same day, a Taliban spokesperson said that the new regime would “provide women with environment to work and study, and the presence of women in different (government) structures according to Islamic law and in accordance with our cultural values.”

According to reports, the terrorist murdered the lady because she was seen strolling about without a burqa. The death comes in the wake of allegations of many other acts of brutality and persecution perpetrated by the Taliban.

Many news organizations continue to echo the Taliban talking point that they will respect women’s rights. This talking point is demonstrably false and shouldn’t be repeated any longer. It’s laughable that mainstream media took this seriously at all.

In an Instagram post, CNN repeated these false talking points from the Taliban saying that “women would still be allowed to continue their education, and diplomats, journalists, and non-profits could continue operating in the country”

In a demonstration against Taliban control, hundreds of Afghans marched through the streets of Jalalabad on Wednesday, carrying the flag of the deposed Afghan government. Militants reacted violently to the rally, opening fire into the crowd and assaulting demonstrators as well as journalists who were reporting it. According to a story in The New York Times:

“Despite the risks, hundreds of protesters marched through the main shopping street, whistling, shouting and bearing large flags of the Afghan Republic. Taliban fighters fired in the air to break up the crowd, but the protesters did not disperse, video aired by local news media outlets showed.


When that failed, the fighters resorted to violence. It was unclear how many people were injured or whether anyone was killed.”

These acts of aggression are in direct contradiction of the Taliban’s obvious façade, calling for “peaceful” regime change In addition, the Taliban has claimed to be offering “amnesty” to supporters of the deposed Afghan government, which many are rightfully skeptical of.

Afghan exiles have reported frequent beatings, arranged marriages, and killings in cities and towns across Afghanistan.   Journalists, former government officials, and women in Afghanistan are fearful of what terrorist militants would do to them if they are apprehended and captured by the Taliban.

Earlier this year, Zarifa Ghafari, 27, who became Afghanistan’s youngest and first female mayor in 2018, said that she and her family were waiting for the Taliban to locate and murder them. Ghafari is the youngest and first female mayor in Afghanistan. “I’m sitting here waiting for them to come. There is no one to help me or my family. I’m just sitting with them and my husband. And they will come for people like me and kill me. I can’t leave my family. And anyway, where would I go?

Jihadists from the Taliban have started searching homes “door to door” for journalists, former Afghan public officials, army personnel, and anyone who has cooperated with the international community. According to an article from The Daily Wire:

Taliban militants are reportedly conducting door-to-door searches in Kabul looking for Afghan government officials, military members, and others who worked with the United States and other western countries.

Taliban militants are also seeking out journalists. While the terrorist group has promised safety and publicly called for a “peaceful” transfer of power, refugees who flocked to Kabul prior to its fall said that the Taliban has already begun forced marriages and executions in outlying cities and towns.

“Taliban started door to door search looking for govt officials, former police & security forces members & those who worked for foreign countries NGOs or infrastructures in Afghanistan. At least 3 journalists’ houses were searched in the last hour. Kabul is now becoming deadly,” one Kabul-based journalist tweeted on Monday. “This is a game-changer for us all. Many have started counting their final hours of life in Kabul. Nobody knows what happens next. Pray for us.”

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