Sonny Borrelli: “It’s Pretty Cut And Dry. Violation Of A Senate Subpoena Is A Class Two Misdemeanor.” Brnovich NEEDS To Take Action


Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli made a formal request for Attorney General Brnovich to investigate Maricopa County’s noncompliance with legislative subpoenas.

Brnovich is required under SB 1487, introduced by Former State Senator Andy Biggs, to comply with this request and investigate the county’s violation of legal subpoenas.

If a law is violated, the county must resolve the violation within 30 days or the treasurer shall withhold state shared revenue from the county, city, or town.

Jordan Conradson spoke with Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli after his announcement.

Conradson: What happens next?

Borrelli: The Attorney General will open an investigation and determine if the county is in violation of law, I mean, the County Supervisors, went into executive session and you know consciously made a decision to not comply with subpoenas and to withhold certain information that they are supposed to also have records of the hardware tokens and passwords because that’s what you need run an election, obviously, the only have those items and by their own admission or omission. They did not run the election, it was actually a third-party vendor that ran the election.

We have a right to examine those machines and make sure that they’re not corrupted, There’s no unauthorized software, it’s not hooked to the internet, this kind of stuff. And they’re refusing to comply and you know that’s a violation of the subpoena it’s a class two misdemeanor so the Attorney General, will make a decision and that they are not in compliance with the law, they will be told they have 30 days to fix that remedy. Or he will advise or direct the state treasurer withhold 10% of their state shared revenue until they do comply. Of course, if they choose to challenge that in court, it goes directly to the Supreme Court, bypassing all the lower courts. So that’s another thing that could happen but they don’t comply and they can also be, I believe they can be charged with a class two misdemeanor

You know that restores confidence in the election but to defy the Senate subpoenas and literally take the posture of Jack sellers. It’s really uncalled for, unprofessional. President Fann has been very diplomatic very professional through this whole process and for them to take that type of stance and arrogance is not just defying the Senate and the state legislature, but defying the voters, the voters have a right to scrutinize their elections. They have a right to scrutinize how they are being governed in the first place. That’s part of the First Amendment. They’re also entitled to free and fair elections its enshrined in the Constitution and equal protection under the law and so for them to defy us they’re the voters, showing arrogance and disrespect, disregarding, disrespectful and to diminish their right scrutinize is really appalling and is just uncalled for. Simple as that. You should honor their oath of office like all of us are trying to our oath of office is what it is and we’ll go from there, see what the attorney general does.

Conradson: That’s right, Jack Sellers, mocking volunteers who are trying to save our elections, this was your response to that. So do you expect, Attorney General Brnovich to respond to your statement?

Borrelli: Yes I do, his staff I know they got a heads up it was coming. We’ll see how long it takes, it should be a no brainer for them to examine the law, it’s pretty cut and dry. Violation of a Senate subpoena is a class two misdemeanor. And just to what extent he wants to go and how quickly he wants to go, we’ll find out what the next couple days. The decision that the county made this executive session and they came out in front of the board and they voted on defying our subpoenas, so it is a no brainer and it’s nothing done in secret, they’ve done everything out in public. They publicly said that they’re not going to comply with the subpoenas, before the deadline. So obviously, you have some type of malice intent

Conradson: Do you think that the county will respond to what happened today?

Borrelli: I hope they do. I hope they just comply. so we can finish the audit. This is one of the puzzles that we need to look at we need to check the machines. After all, they just bought more new machines. So, the Secretary of State just decertified this equipment. So, therefore, they should have nothing no to worry about. It was just sort of fun let’s take a look at it, can’t break it has been decertified. It’s amazing. Everything they say, just keep giving them rope, They just keep hanging themselves. Like they say, if your enemy’s committing suicide, leave them alone but we hope that they comply, we don’t want to throw people in jail, I mean, look the county, if this is hooked to the internet. Okay, if they knew something beforehand, that’s a crime, they should be held accountable. but If they didn’t, and they’re just, you know, trying to cover their butts. They didn’t know about this and they’re just trying to do damage control, come to the table let’s talk, but they’re not doing that, digging in, and they’re acting, and the cover-up is worse than the crime.

Conradson: That’s right, so once we get these routers, passwords Splunk logs, key fobs, everything that the county has been fighting to the death to hide from us, when do you expect that we’ll see a final report come out?

Borrelli: It all depends because there’s about 3-4 days for them go through all those machines and and do their technical analysis and that kind of stuff. That takes a week or two. You know we still there’s other items that Senate President Fann requested in the FOYA request we want the ballot envelopes, we want to make sure that we do signature verification, All that stuff…

Audits are a normal government function and the County is in violation of the law with their noncompliance with the Arizona Senate.

Attorney General Brnovich must now take the necessary steps as soon as possible. Let’s see if there is any action behind his flowery words.

Sonny Borrelli: “It’s Pretty Cut And Dry. Violation Of A Senate Subpoena Is A Class Two Misdemeanor.” Brnovich NEEDS To Take Action Sonny Borrelli: “It’s Pretty Cut And Dry. Violation Of A Senate Subpoena Is A Class Two Misdemeanor.” Brnovich NEEDS To Take Action Reviewed by Your Destination on August 05, 2021 Rating: 5

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