Pelosi Immediately Breaks Own Mask Policy to Make Sure She Looks Nice in Photo

 Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi flouted her own mask mandate on Friday for a photo opportunity, just days after she mandated that all House members cover their faces while at the U.S. Capitol.

Rep. Jake Ellzey of Texas was sworn in, just days after the middle-of-the-road Republican defeated fellow Republican Susan Wright in a special election for Texas’s 6th Congressional District on Tuesday.

Ellzey was reported by Business Insider to be a “f*** you” GOP alternative to former President Donald Trump, which might explain why Pelosi was so giddy about getting her picture taken with him. A girl’s gotta look her best, after all.

Time will tell whether the new congressman will be an ally to conservatives, or simply another Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger.

Pelosi sure seemed taken with him, which isn’t a good sign. The California Democrat actually tweeted a video of her, without her mask, swearing the congressman in.

“Join me live at the United States Capitol for the ceremonial swearing-in of Congressman-elect Jake Ellzey of Texas’s 6th District,” she tweeted Friday.

It was indeed odd that Pelosi was not wearing a mask, as this past week she mandated that all House members wear masks inside the Capitol, even of they’re vaccinated for COVID, at the direction of congressional attending physician Dr. Brian Monahan.

But what are Democrats, if not hypocrites?

There was much more to the video of Pelosi being maskless with her new GOP beau, according to the New York Post.

Per the paper, Pelosi was heard asking before the photo was taken if she could remove her mask in a building in which she had literally just mandated the wearing of masks.

“Can we take off our masks just for the photo?” Pelosi reportedly asked someone as she repeated a question from a photographer.

Pelosi then took off her mask, and so did Ellzey, his wife and their children.

The official RNC Research account shared video on Twitter that appeared to show Pelosi asking a person who had not mandated the wearing of masks if she could remove her own mask.

It is of course noteworthy that days before Pelosi’s no-mask stunt, she actually called House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy a “moron” for pointing out that the new mask mandate is anti-science.

Apparently COVID cannot spread when one is taking a photo. When a person such as Pelosi is making all the rules, they don’t need to make sense. All that matters is the message gets across.

In this case, that message is that leftist Democrats and their insane ideas are running our federal government. Apparently Ellzey had no issue with the mandate, or with breaking it when in the right company.

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