Fauci Blasted For Condemning Sturgis Motorcycle Rally While Staying Silent On Obama’s 60th Birthday Bash

 Critics ripped Dr. Anthony Fauci for neglecting to mention former President Barack Obama’s large birthday party while criticizing the Americans attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota.

Fauci appeared on MSNBC’s “Meet The Press” on Sunday and warned Americans of returning to normal life with the Delta variant of COVID-19 still spreading. At the prompting of host Chuck Todd, Fauci slammed hundreds of thousands of attendees at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally for gathering.

“We have Sturgis, South Dakota, there’s a gathering right now of some 700,000 people. Last year, it was a smaller turnout, and it was over about 150,000 people and it led to a massive outbreak in the Dakotas where they became number one and number two for essentially the rest of the calendar year of cases. What do you expect this rally to do to that part of the country?” Todd asked.

“Well, I’m very concerned, Chuck, that we are going to see another surge related to that rally,” Fauci replied. “I mean, to me it’s understandable that people want to do the kinds of things they want to do. They want their freedom to do that. But there comes a time when you’re dealing with a public health crisis that could involve you, your family, and everyone else that something supersedes that need to do exactly what you want to do.”

“I mean, you’re going to ultimately be able to do that in the future, but let’s get this pandemic under control before we start acting like nothing is going on,” he continued. “I mean, something bad is going on. I mean, we’ve got to realize that.”

Critics slammed Fauci for chiding the rallygoers in the GOP-controlled state of South Dakota while failing to mention Obama’s 60th birthday party that took place over the weekend and involved hundreds of guests and staff. Photos and video posted to social media from the event showed the former president dancing maskless with other guests.

“Did Fauci chastise Obama’s 60th birthday blowout or Lollapalooza attendees? If not, he should stfu,” FEE.org managing editor Jon Miltimore said.

Conservative author and commentator Monica Crowley posted: “We must have missed Fauci chastising the wide open southern border, the BLM protests, Lollapalooza, the Obama birthday bash, etc … Oh right,”

Robert O’Neill, the former Navy SEAL who killed terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, said: “Dr. Fauci is ‘very concerned’ about another surge of  the virus because of Obama’s huge, maskless birthday party … oh wait, he scolded Sturgis. He said nothing about the party.”

People at Martha’s Vineyard, where Obama’s house and party was located, defended the former president and his guests after critics said the celebration was hypocritical and violates guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Several Martha’s Vineyard residents said that the Obamas could risk holding the shindig because of the “sophisticated, vaccinated crowd” that attended, according to a reporter from The New York Times.

Fauci Blasted For Condemning Sturgis Motorcycle Rally While Staying Silent On Obama’s 60th Birthday Bash Fauci Blasted For Condemning Sturgis Motorcycle Rally While Staying Silent On Obama’s 60th Birthday Bash Reviewed by Your Destination on August 10, 2021 Rating: 5

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