Tom Cotton Points Out Dem Election Hypocrisy, Points To Al Gore Taking 37 Days After 2000 Election

 Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media have spent the past week hammering President Donald Trump and Republicans for pursuing various legal actions in an attempt to challenge and clarify the results of the 2020 presidential election.

To counter the noise from the left, Republican Sen. Tom Cotton took a stand for Trump and his army of lawyers this week during an interview on “Fox & Friends,” in which he suggested that it’s completely fair and justified to allow the president time to sort out his various election-related legal battles in multiple swing states.

According to Newsmax, Cotton — an up-and-coming star in the Republican party — was fair in his assessment of the situation, admitting that in order for Trump to emerge victorious, it’s going to take some pretty big swings in vote counts.

“There is no doubt there are multiple states in which the president would have to come from behind or have a significant number of ballots disqualified,” Cotton said.

He then pointed out the hypocrisy on the left, reminding Democrats that Al Gore was given well over a month to sort out the mess that resulted in the 2000 presidential election, not to mention the fact that Democrats have spent years insisting that the 2016 election was rigged or illegitimate.

“I don’t believe these Democrats in 2000 were telling Al Gore the week after the election that it was time to concede, and of course the Democrats in 2016 never really did concede. They immediately moved to the fake Russia collusion hoax and to try to undermine the legitimacy of the president’s first term,” Cotton said.

Cotton also pointed out an interesting and noteworthy observation with regard to the upcoming recount of votes in Georgia, in which two Senate runoff races will occur in January. The senator explained that while it’s true that the votes will be recounted for the state’s presidential votes, they will also likely look at other close races, such as Sen. David Perdue’s race.

“Sen. Perdue fell just short of it, just a few thousand votes short of it. While they conduct this manual recount for the presidential race, they will be checking the other races as well.”

That’s huge, given that Georgia’s runoff Senate races essentially hold the key to which party will have the most control in the Senate. With Republicans still in control, there will still be a strong firewall against an expected incoming barrage of ultra-progressive legislation.

It’s especially important if Joe Biden manages to concrete his media-called victory and take the White House, as he’s already signaled that he’s ready to do a lot of damage to a number of Trump’s policies.

Cotton expressed confidence in Georgia Republican voters, seeming sure they would do all they can to protect the Senate from being lost.

“I suspect most Georgians don’t want to change America along the lines of Chuck Schumer’s wishes,” Cotton said.

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