The Democrats’ ‘Color Revolution’ Campaign Begins – Biden Campaign Announces No Winner Tomorrow – Big Tech Ready to Assist


Now it begins.  The nightmare scenario created by the Democrats starring Sleepy Joe Biden and their Deep State producer Norm Eisen.  

The Trump Administration just released a statement accusing the Democrats of ALREADY cutting election day ads of a “Red Mirage” in order to excuse Joe Biden’s massive loss on Tuesday and to foment chaos.  The Trump campaign said,

We are aware that Democrats have already cut television ads they are prepared to deploy to further cement the “Red Mirage” misinformation, seeking to convince people that all Joe Biden would need for victory is more time, extending well beyond Election Day.”

This is no surprise. We have warned about this for months.

 Below is a video from Tucker’s show regarding this topic:

Roger Stone shared with  how the Democrats are going to try to steal the election  in a brilliant piece over the weekend.  Stone warned:

Democrats know their candidate is weak and that his ‘supporters’ have the intensity of a room full of dental patients waiting for a tooth extraction. Their sum total of their message is “we hate Trump”, higher taxes, more regulation and a re-constituted reign of error by the Democrats’ bellicose, ossified political lifers, only now with a burgeoning splinter of aggressive proto-communist zealots driving their demagogic ideology.

Desperate Democrat power-seekers and their Trump-deranged RINO fellow travelers know Biden’s lead is dwindling (if he ever really had one, given the Trump-hate media and political class’s pathological inability to utter so much as a breath that does not denigrate or diminish the object of their endless scorn and vicious hatred). The leftist Democrat shock troops are already torquing up their (well-organized, well-funded) mob violence on the streets of New York and Philadelphia – a glimmer of the diabolical plans by which they will to go to any lengths and use any means necessary to defeat Donald Trump…or destroy the country in the process.

In early September far left publications like the Washington Post warned that there would be violence if President Trump is reelected.

In mid-September there were more threats, this time from the Atlantic as noted by National Review:

Writing in The Atlantic recently, the sober-minded commentator Shadi Hamid says, “I struggle to imagine how, beyond utter shock, millions of Democrats will process a Trump victory.” For Democrats, having failed to cope with the 2016 election, and believing the polls that show a solid Joe Biden lead, another shock Trump win would “provoke mass disillusion with electoral politics as a means of change — at a time when disillusion is already dangerously high.” And it would lead decent folks astray. They would seek remedies “outside the political process, including through nonpeaceful means,” though, “not necessarily out of hope but out of despair.”

Facebook, Google and Twitter announced that starting on Election day they will not report the winner of the election and will block people who try to do it.

Next Facebook sent out a poll with the questions to its users regarding election day violence.  Some questions asked were would you vote if there was violence or ‘protesters’ reported at polling stations on election day.  Last week Big Tech censored any reports on Hunter Biden’s laptop stories.

Part I of the Democrats’ color revolution is now in full force, as the Biden Campaign announced under circumstances will they admit defeat on election day:

Small businesses in Democrat cities are boarding up their store fronts in anticipation for violence:

The Democrats will do anything for power – anything. President Trump must win and WIN BIG on Tuesday!

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