Biden Covid Task Force Member Warns Of 'Vaccine Nationalism,' Urges U.S. To Make Global Distribution 'Fair'

 Ezekiel Emanuel, a member of Joe Biden’s Covid-19 task force, was the co-author of a paper pleading with the United States “against vaccine nationalism,” according to the NY Post. The optimism for life returning to normal skyrocketed this week when Pfizer announced its vaccine was 90% effective in protecting against the virus.

It does not make sense that a paper written by a member would surface urging Americans to live with the disease while the rest of the world gets to have it. Emanuel and his co-author published their thoughts on the distribution of the Covid vaccine in Science Magazine.

Emanuel uses the left’s only weapon, ‘social justice shame,’ to ask the United States government and United States pharmaceutical companies and governments “involved in vaccine production to engage in the ‘Fair Priority Model,’ as opposed to giving priority distribution to the local at-risk population.”

The paper argues that our current vaccine rollout plan that prioritizes areas in the United States with large, dense populations, health care workers, and the elderly and adults with pre-existing conditions. The idea is that American companies should give this vaccine to the world rather than Americans first.

The authors argue against ‘vaccine nationalism’ saying ‘rather than simply asserting that might makes right, governments typically appeal to national partiality: a country’s right and duty to prioritize its own citizens.’

The paper claims that ‘public sentiment in some countries’ will push for the vaccine to stay ‘within their borders,’ but that if countries used an ‘ethical framework in the face of nationalist attitudes,’ the distribution of the vaccine would be ‘fair and equitable.’

Quick question: Has Ezekiel Emanuel ever ridden on a plane? As we all know, the safety instructions tell us, if you are flying with children or the elderly, the flight attendant asks, in the case of an emergency, you to put YOUR oxygen mask on first before putting it on the ones next to you.

American pharmaceutical companies are allowed to prioritize whoever it is that they want; it is what is great about opening a business in America. A government, however, has a responsibility to put its people first.

Ezekiel Emanuel, former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s brother, argued in an Atlantic piece that life after 75 isn’t worth living. The piece clearly advocated Ezekiel Emanuel’s opinion that there is no sanctity of life.

Conveniently, Emanuel is 63 and still has time to enact his globalist health care policies. How will Americans trust Democrats to control their healthcare when the doctor helping decided health care policies doesn’t believe every life is worth living?

This paper proves in more ways than one that a Biden presidency would be a rush to globalist positions and do away with any progress we have made on the home front.

We believe that covid was intentionally spread by the Chinese government and that the United States was one of the countries targeted with this virus. Our country has a moral duty to provide this vaccine to its citizens first. Period.

Our allies and those countries most vulnerable will be taken care of, but first, we must ensure our ‘oxygen mask’ is on and secure before we help other countries around the world.

Biden Covid Task Force Member Warns Of 'Vaccine Nationalism,' Urges U.S. To Make Global Distribution 'Fair' Biden Covid Task Force Member Warns Of 'Vaccine Nationalism,' Urges U.S. To Make Global Distribution 'Fair' Reviewed by Your Destination on November 12, 2020 Rating: 5

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