After President Trump Demands the Constitution Be Followed and Fraudulent Votes Be Discarded – Democrats Explode Demanding Another Illegitimate Impeachment


The Democrats are on fire.  How dare the President of the United States demand that the Constitution be adhered to!  Every day that the President follows his legal options to remedy the fraudulent results in the 2020 election, the more angry the Democrats get. 

How dare the President who they’ve hated for the past half decade act in this way!  Ever since he came down that escalator announcing his candidacy for President they’ve hated him.  A popular and benevolent celebrity, suddenly he was in the Democrat dog house.

Then President Trump did the unthinkable, he won.  Despite all their efforts to derail him, Trump won the Presidency.  Watching this election we now understand why Hillary is so damn mad.  They didn’t cheat enough for her!

The orange man overcame the odds of the 2016 election with the support of most of America.  They tried everything, recounts and a Russia collusion sham but they couldn’t give the election to Hillary.  She now is livid as she watches a man who can’t make it out of the basement, Joe Biden, benefit from a fraudulent and crooked election process that the Democrats didn’t provide her. Wow, that must hurt.

So as Biden hides in his basement, the supporters of President Trump wait patiently for justice to be served.  The massive vote dumps followed by carts of ballots wheeled into Democrat strongholds in shattered cities like Detroit, Philadelphia and Atlanta, to most Americans don’t quite look right.  Americans and the President want the President to win a legitimate election. 

The winner and only man who could have pulled this off is President Trump.  By winning in such a landslide, the Democrats had to stop counting, then drop tens of thousands of illegitimate votes, and then roll along to the end pretending nothing happened.  This was their downfall, and the orange man crushed them again.  By shattering Obama’s record of 69 million votes (President Trump is currently reported at 73 million votes but many believe he won millions more), the Democrats had to come up with a quick plan to steal the election and their reaction was too transparent.

Massive vote dumps came out of nowhere in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia and more, to steal the election.  But covering up their crimes is too great a task.  President Trump’s massive win and his record setting following saved the day and the country.

As we reported for the two months leading up to the election, President Trump’s campaign was on fire.  Americans held boat parades, car parades, buggy parades, motorcycle parades and more in his honor.  There was no hiding America’s excitement for this President.  The man who overcame everything for this country was going to win again.

President Trump entertained 1.1 million followers between Labor Day and Election Day.  In contrast the senile man in Delaware saw less than 2,000.  It wasn’t a race.  Biden’s campaign never got out of the basement.

How dare President Trump turn back Obama’s efforts to ‘change’ the country into another communist hell hole.  The orange man must be stopped!

reporter who nobody knows at a magazine nobody reads, can’t take it anymore.  How dare we uphold the law – IMPEACH:

Now that Donald Trump, the President of the United States, is personally “reaching out” to members of a Michigan election board as part of a larger plot to simply throw out the results of an election he lost by a comfortable margin, maybe we can stop pretending this is just a public tantrum we can allow to burn out until he falls into a fevered nap. That his allies believe the president must be approached like a spoiled toddler is itself an indication of our national decline, and an indictment of all the lackeys who’ve worked so hard to make this state of affairs possible. But his campaign is also in court asking a judge to simply nix the election in Pennsylvania and give him the Electoral Votes. This is not just another meltdown to be managed, as we all try to dodge the toys he’s throwing out of the crib. He should be removed from office for crimes against the American republic.

Meanwhile, the mastermind behind the corrupt and criminal Mueller gang, the guy who destroyed his and twenty some other phones after the Strzok and Page texts were uncovered, is calling for the same:

These people are sick and succumbed to evil. 

We hope and pray the law will prevail.  You can’t make up votes to win elections.  You can’t make up rules to win elections. 

The President has the law and Constitution on his side.  They can call for impeachment and make fun of the President’s great legal team and claim the President has no evidence or support behind his lawsuits, but ultimately their far-left opinions and fantasies just don’t count.

After President Trump Demands the Constitution Be Followed and Fraudulent Votes Be Discarded – Democrats Explode Demanding Another Illegitimate Impeachment After President Trump Demands the Constitution Be Followed and Fraudulent Votes Be Discarded – Democrats Explode Demanding Another Illegitimate Impeachment Reviewed by Your Destination on November 21, 2020 Rating: 5

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