This is What the Trees And Plants From Many of the Common Foods We Eat Look Like (80 Pics)

Rice fields. In some parts of the world, especially Asia, the Rice plants grow fully submerged in water.
Where the rice comes from.
Once ready, the top of the plants are cut and harvested.
Macadamia Nut Trees.
Macadamia Nuts grow inside the fruit off the tree.
As with most nuts, to consume it, we have to remove the fruit outside layer, then the nut shell.
The Carrot Plant.
The carrots are the plants entire root stem.
Cantaloupe Plant. They bud tiny flowers too.
The cantaloupe grow right off the vines.
Oat plants.
Close-up of the Oats ready for the harvest.
Pea Plants.
The Pea Pods.
The Pea Plant Flowers a swell. Different Pea Plants flower different colors.
Brussel Sprout Plant.
The Brussel Sprouts grow right off the stem.
The Hops Plant for brewing beer.
Close-up of the Hops.
Papaya Trees.
Asparagus Plant full grown.
Coconut Trees.
The Coconuts grow all the way at the top.
Jalapenos Peppar Plants.
Pistachio Trees.
Pistachios growing off the tree.
A Plum Tree.
The Plums growing off the branches.
Grape Vines.
And of course, dried grapes are still edible as they now are just raisins.
Banana Trees.
The Bananas grow in large groups off a specific stem at the top of the tree. They are usually so heavy, they pull the stem down and hang. If you didn't know, plantains are a type of ripe banana.
Red Bell Pepper Plant.
The plant doesn't grow very large before growing large Peppers.
Potato Plants.
The potatoes grow underground off the stem.
And if you don't pick it, clean it, and eat it, the potatoes will sprout and the new plant grows directly from the potatoes.
Tomato Plants.
Tomatoes grow right off the stems.
Cherry Trees.
Kiwi Vines. The Kiwis grow right off the vines.
Pomegranate Trees.
The pomegranates flower.
Here's one in full bloom.
Broccoli Plant. We eat the flower.
Broccoli Plant starting to bloom.
Broccoli Plant near full bloom.
Cauliflower Plant. Also, we eat the flower.
Cauliflower Plant as it starts to bloom.
Cauliflower Plant near full bloom.
Pineapple Plant.
Pineapple Plant when blooming.
Strawberry Plant.
How they look if they aren't picked.
They also flower.
Artichoke Plants. We eat the leaves and base on the flower.
Artichoke Plant beginning to flower.
And now in full bloom.
Cashew Tree
Cashews come from the trees fruit.
They remove the bottom part of the fruit that holds the Cashews.
Zucchini Plant
The Zucchini's grow at the base of the stem.
Peanut Plants in bloom.
The peanut shells burrow underground from the base of the stem. The peanut itself is actually not a nut.
Cucumber plant. The cucumbers grow right off the plant.
Pumpkin Plants.
Pumpkins grow right off the stem.
Watermelon Plant.
Watermelons also grow right from the stem.
Cabbage Plant.
Cabbage Plant in full bloom.
Avocado Tree.
Avocado's growing off the tree.
Almond Tree in full bloom.
Almonds are found inside the trees fruit.
Almonds in their shells just fall out of the fruit.
Walnut Tree.
Walnut Fruit.
Same thing, they just break open, exposing the walnut.
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