35 Communist Propaganda Posters Illustrate The Art And Ideology Of Another Time

Propaganda posters were among the most significant tools for influencing public opinion in the Soviet Union.
The text that accompanied each poster was a clear and explicit message for the public, while the use of specific techniques (photo manipulation, deformity, and amplification) would indirectly and subconsciously transmit a message in favor of or against an opinion, a person or a political choice.
The Soviet Union gave rise to the “Russian avant-garde” modern art movement. Alongside the stirring socio-economic developments of the early twentieth century, artists seemed to reject the past and seek innovative forms of expression in various types of art. These posters are prime examples of art movements like Constructivism, Suprematism and, later, Socialist Realism, a fertile meeting place between art and ideology.

1920’s poster. “All power to the Soviets. Peace to the People. Land to the peasants.”
Constructivist poster from Gustav Klutsis (1930). “With great labor we will fulfill the plan.”
Soviet Propaganda poster from the 70’s. We are in solidarity with you, Vietnam!”
Constructivist Soviet Poster from the 20’s: "All workers choose the Soviets!"
Propaganda poster of the 70’s by Boris Parmeev. “We grow under the sun of our country.”
Poster from the 20’s. “Follow the true path, comrades!”
1920: “The organization of consumer cooperatives strengthens the Red Army.”
1920 poster: “Vrangel [a White Army general in the Russian Civil War] is next on line."
Anti-Nazi poster: "Worker, be on the alert!"
1928: "Down with world fascism!"
"Long live the socialist revolution!"
1930’s: “For the Industrial Plan; for completing a five-year plan in only four; against religion."
1920’s: “Long live the 3rd Communist International – from a red October to a world revolution.”
1931: “Come to us on the collective farm, comrade!”
1930’s: “Komsomol [Communist Youth] is the shock brigade of the five year plan.”
Lenin, Engels and Marx in Leningrad, poster from 1960. “Forward, to the victory of communism!”
1919: "Death to capital, or death under the heel of capitalism!"
1921: “Proletarians of all countries, unite!"
1950 poster: “Soldiers! History requires excellent knowledge of military technology.”
1930: “The Ten Commandments of the Proletariat.”
World War II poster: "The Motherland Calls"
1930s poster: "Communist Youth, to tractors! Into the shock troops of the spring harvest!"
Burov: “We march for integration.”
Poster from the Russian Revolution: “Have you signed up with the volunteers?”
1920’s poster: “With guns we will defeat the enemy, with hard work we will have bread. To work, comrades!”
Poster from the Fourth Communist Party Conference, 1922.
1928: Political poster in support of the Five-Year Plan by Deni Dolgorukov.
World War II: “We will defend Moscow!”
World War II: "How have YOU aided the front?"
Poster from the 1950’s: “We are peaceful people, yet our armored train stands at the ready.”
1930: "Peasant woman, to the collective farm!"
1930's poster supporting the Five-Year Plan.
World War II: “Plant the flag of victory over Berlin!"
A Soviet World War II poster from 1941: “Forward. Victory is near.”
Anti-American poster of 1970: “Stop the murderers.”

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