‘It Was Like A Science Class’: Grown-Up ‘Trans Kid’ Details Horrors Of Trans Surgeries In Candace Owens Interview

 During an intimate hour-long interview with Daily Wire host Candace Owens, 22-year-old Briana Ivy detailed the horrors of irreversible transgender treatments and surgeries he has been through, first starting as a minor.

Ivy, who is biologically male and identifies as transgender, told Owens he was deformed and mutilated, drastically affecting his mental health, by a surgeon he found through controversial TikTok-famous surgeon Sidhbh Gallagher.

“I remember there was an intense fascination with what was being done to me,” Ivy recalled about his time in the hospital immediately following what’s been dubbed a “bottom surgery.” “I remember nurses at the hospital, residents of the hospital, various people there, would come in, they look at me, tell me, ‘This is cool, we’ve never seen someone as young as you have this done,’ ‘We’ve never seen this surgery done here.'”

“I remember Dr. [Joshua] Roth would bring in multiple residents, just watch me while I was sitting there and I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t move, I was in so much pain. People just came in and it was like a science class,” Ivy recounted.

At a young age, Ivy felt effeminate and like he didn’t fit in with other boys, but felt safe with girls in his class. Influenced by cultural moments, like the media movement around Jazz Jennings, Ivy felt incredibly uncomfortable with his body and told his parents at age 14 that he was transgender. He was quickly taken to a gender clinic and after a 30-minute discussion with a social worker, was moved on to a doctor for a prescription of hormone blockers and additional hormones. And by 19 years old, Ivy has already undergone two transgender surgical procedures.

During a “bottom surgery,” doctors tried to turn Ivy’s penis into a vagina with some of his stomach lining. The aftermath was “searing pain” that he still deals with today, and genitals, he says, that don’t resemble genitals of either sex.

“I had a catheter in for about a month, attached to a bag, and I could feel it every second,” Ivy said, explaining what happened post-op. “And you also have to dilate when you have this procedure — there are essentially [what look like large toys] and you have to put them in and keep them in for 30 minutes at a time. And it felt like a knife inside of me, but I was terrified to not miss a second because then all of this would be a waste.”

“Every single day the pain was worse, and the bleeding was worse,” the 22-year-old said. “I would bleed all over the bed every time I would do it.”


When Ivy said things didn’t feel right and complained about the pain, the surgeon told him to just continue with the dilation exercises. “I couldn’t,” Ivy said. “I just felt shredded inside.”

Dr. Roth eventually told Ivy he needed another surgery to fix complications from the first surgery, but two different doctors told Ivy there was too much trauma to perform anything on him and refused to do any surgery. Ivy said he explained this to Dr. Roth by voicemail, and never heard from him again.

“I was only 20,” Ivy said through tears. “Everything that they had told us was a lie. And that’s why I get frustrated, and that’s what brought me here. Today, I see so many people now, in this year, advocating for the exact process I went through.”

Ivy has found it difficult to move forward with legal recourse for what was done to him.

“I have tried to expose legal possibilities, but it’s really complicated because, basically, for a lawyer to take up the case, a board of other surgeons have to decide if [the procedure] is experimental or not,” Ivy said. “If the doctors believe it’s not by definition experimental, then I have no case.”

Moreover, Ivy believes his access to medical records has been wiped. “I tried to go back in and access what was on my file, and it was nothing,” he said. “There’s all these dates listed of every day I was in that hospital, from the first day to the last, and it was blank. And I keep trying to gain contact with people, and I just keep getting denied, or I have to call back.”

“Why don’t I have access to anything?” Ivy asked. “There’s no paper trail of anything that’s happened to me, anymore.”

Ivy said his mental health was destroyed during this process, but added that recently feeling God’s presence has helped him tremendously. “I had shut him out for so long,” Ivy said.

“I can say honestly that I’ve never been more proud or more haunted by any interview I’ve ever conducted than this one here,” Owens said in reaction to the sit-down via social media. “Children being influenced on tik-tok to permanently deform their bodies is the greatest evil we are fighting today.”

“Thank you Briana for your bravery in this most difficult and personal conversation,” Owens added.

‘It Was Like A Science Class’: Grown-Up ‘Trans Kid’ Details Horrors Of Trans Surgeries In Candace Owens Interview ‘It Was Like A Science Class’: Grown-Up ‘Trans Kid’ Details Horrors Of Trans Surgeries In Candace Owens Interview Reviewed by Your Destination on November 05, 2023 Rating: 5

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