‘Polling Up There With A Fungal Infection’: Kennedy Rips Biden On Inflation

 Louisiana GOP Senator John Kennedy blasted President Biden over the inflation that has occurred on his watch, snapping, “Inflation is gutting my people like a fish.”

Kennedy, interviewed on Fox News, prefaced his remarks about inflation by offering his solace and encouragement to the people of Maui after the devastating fires in which more than 100 people died.

“It just breaks my heart; we’ve been through it in Louisiana with hurricanes,” he said. “All I can say to my fellow Americans in Hawaii is you’re gonna want to give up at some point; Don’t. Just get up every day, put one foot down then another foot. The American people will be with you. I’ll vote to help you out in Congress. And I’m just so sorry they’re going through it.”

Then he turned to Biden and the inflationary spiral that has seen inflation rise 16% during Biden’s tenure and food prices soar 20%.

“I’m also sorry that the American people are going through Bidenomics,” he declared. “Bidenomics is pretty simple. It’s just bigger government, more spending, and higher prices. And I’ve said this before: At least in Louisiana, inflation is gutting my people like a fish. My people are getting really good at barely getting by. And in America, you shouldn’t have to take an early distribution from your retirement account or sell blood plasma in order to go to the grocery store.”

“And President Biden is out there saying prices are high and your 401K is crashing because the economy is so good,” he continued. “He just doesn’t get it. That’s why he’s polling up there with a fungal infection.”

“The median household income for a family in Louisiana is about $55,000 to $60,000 a year,” he stated. “Because of President Biden’s inflation and economics, they’re paying an extra $700 a month, $9,000 a year. And they don’t have it.”

“I hate to say it, but these higher prices? They’re permanent,” he said. “Even if inflation goes to zero tomorrow, we’re still gonna be stuck with these higher prices, which are a direct result of President Biden’s economic policies.”

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