FBI Searching For Illegal Aliens Smuggled In By Individual With ISIS Ties: CNN Report

 The FBI is reportedly searching for more than a dozen Uzbek illegal immigrants who are believed to have been smuggled into the U.S. by an individual with ties to the Islamic terrorist group ISIS. Astonishingly, Biden administration officials allegedly think this serves as a good example of the system “working” to protect Americans, based on media reports.

On Tuesday, CNN reported that earlier this year, Uzbek nationals were released into the American interior by the Biden administration after arriving at the southern border seeking asylum. The individuals were reportedly screened for any “red flags,” but it wasn’t until after their release that the FBI discovered a smuggling ring operating out of Uzbekistan in cooperation with one Turkish smuggler who has worked with ISIS.

According to the media outlet, the incident “kicked off a flurry of urgent meetings among top national security and administration officials. A statement from National Security Council spokesman Adrienne Watson to CNN said, “There was no indication — and remains no indication — that any of the individuals facilitated by this network have a connection to a foreign terrorist organization or are engaged in plotting a terrorist attack in the United States.”

However, government sources told CNN that “more than 15 of the migrants tracked down are still under scrutiny by the FBI as possible criminal threats,” the media outlet reported.

“We continually assess our security architecture to ensure that we are best poised to respond to threats to the homeland,” Watson added. “Moreover, we will continue to constantly recalibrate our screening, vetting, and processing of those encountered entering the United States to ensure that we are taking into account the most up-to-date information at our disposal and with an unyielding commitment to protecting Americans and the homeland from the full range of potential threats.”

As The Daily Wire reported on Tuesday, millions of illegal aliens from all over the world have crossed the southern border in hopes of being allowed into the U.S., contingent upon appearing in court at a later date and time. Yet, as this incident proves, tracking down these individuals after authorities let them out of custody can prove to be very difficult.

CNN’s reporting also suggests that the Biden administration might have allowed the Uzbek illegal aliens into the U.S. even if it knew about the alleged ISIS ties because the Turkish smuggler could possibly have been working as a contractor — not on behalf of the Islamic State.

Interestingly, some Biden officials told CNN that this fiasco represents the administration’s efforts to secure the border and is “an example of the system working as it should.” Apparently, under leftist logic, Americans should take comfort in the fact the U.S. responded to a potential threat — after the illegal aliens were allowed into the country in the first place.


One would imagine that “an example of the system working as it should” would be as follows. Illegal aliens arrive at the border. U.S. officials deport them back to their home country. A wall is built. The message is understood around the world: Do not come.

Yet the Biden administration has no interest in doing any of that. And so, the U.S. government has now welcomed in dozens of improperly vetted foreign nationals who were aided and abetted by an individual with ties to ISIS. And the president and ilk see that as a win.

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