Flashback to Ted Cruz in January 2021: ‘Terrorists’ Assaulted, Murdered Police During January 6 ‘Terrorist Attack’


Tucker Carlson hammered Sen. Ted Cruz On Thursday claiming Americans who protested the fraud-ridden election in Washington on January 6, 2021 were executing a “violent terrorist attack.”

Cruz made the claim, parroting Democrat insurrection propaganda, on Wednesday during a Senate Rules Committee hearing

“We are approaching a solemn anniversary this week. And it is an anniversary of a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol, where we saw the men and women of law enforcement demonstrate incredible courage, incredible bravery, risk their lives for the Capitol,” he said.

On Carlson’s Thursday broadcast, Cruz immediately began walking back his comments, insistently claiming he made a “sloppy” and “dumb” mistake and misspoke when comparing protesters to terrorists.

But Carlson shot back, arguing the senator, a Supreme Court contender, understands the importance of using concise language.

“There are a lot of dumb people in the Congress. You are not one of them,” Carlson said. “I think you’re smarter than I am. And you never use words carelessly. And yet you called this a terror attack when by no definition was it a terror attack. That’s a lie. You told that lie on purpose, and I’m wondering why you did.”


“The way I phrased things yesterday, it was sloppy, and it was frankly dumb.”

“I don’t buy that,” Carlson said. “I’ve known you a long time since before you went to Senate. You were a Supreme Court contender. You take words as seriously as any man who has ever served in the Senate. And every word you repeated that phrase, I do not believe you that used that accidentally. I just don’t.”

Cruz repeatedly claimed the comments were “a poor choice of words,” prompting Carlson to conclude, “I guess I just don’t believe you,”

“And I mean that with respect because I have such respect for your acuity and your precision,” the Fox News host said.

Despite Cruz’s insistence that he made a “mistake” by referring to January 6 as a violent terrorist attack, it’s not the first time he made this so-called mistake.

In an interview published last January, Lying’ Cruz blasts the mainstream media for disseminating propaganda while recounting his whereabouts during the January 6 “terrorist attack”: 

And so, we’ll all together, all the senators are together in a secure location and we are there for the next several hours. We’re watching TV at this point, we are all on our phones and we are seeing what’s going on and we are horrified as we see terrorists assaulting police officers, tragically murdering a police officer.

We see a violent assault of the Capitol. We see terrorists breaking onto the floor of the senate chamber and the floor of the house and all of us are horrified by what we’re watching. And I will say in the secure location, we were there, someone had put on CNN and so, you can see Jake Tapper of CNN referring to everyone who had objected as the ‘sedition caucus’ which goes back to the shameless propagandists that journalists are.

Lyin’ Ted.

Flashback to Ted Cruz in January 2021: ‘Terrorists’ Assaulted, Murdered Police During January 6 ‘Terrorist Attack’ Flashback to Ted Cruz in January 2021: ‘Terrorists’ Assaulted, Murdered Police During January 6 ‘Terrorist Attack’ Reviewed by Your Destination on January 08, 2022 Rating: 5

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