NEW BOMBSHELL STUDY: Those With Naturally Immunity Are Better Protected Against COVID Infection and Severe Disease

 Another critical study on the benefits of natural immunity from COVID-19 has been released.

The new study will be savaged by our dishonest corporate media, who receive large sums of advertising dollars from the same pharmaceutical companies that make the COVID vaccines. And Facebook “fact-checkers” from sources like “Science Feedback,” whose authors also double as climate activists, and “Lead Stories” will likely place “misinformation” labels over articles shared about the study extolling the benefits of natural immunity because they don’t fit the everyone must be vaccinated narrative. Nevertheless, here is the most recent bombshell study out of Israel that the mainstream media, Dr. Fauci Evil, Democrat lawmakers, and social media censors would prefer you didn’t read:

From Epoch Times: Immunity people enjoy after recovering from COVID-19 is better than the protection bestowed from the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, the one most used in Israel, according to a new study from Israel.

Researchers analyzing data from the county’s health database from August to September found both COVID-19 infections and severe disease were higher among the vaccinated than those who recovered from the illness, also known as people with natural immunity.

For instance, the naturally immune had a 10.5 per 100,000 infection rate four to six months following their recovery, versus a 69.2 per 100,000 rate among the vaccinated.

The number of severe cases was also higher among the vaccinated: 0.9 percent of all cases among that group were severe, compared with 0.5 percent of cases among the recovered.

Researchers found that protection against infection dropped over time among both the recovered and vaccinated, but the drop was more pronounced among the vaccinated.

They also studied two other cohorts: people with natural immunity who later got a vaccine and people who got a vaccine and later recovered from an infection.

Case rates were low in both groups. They were the lowest by a small number in the naturally immune who got a jab.

“We found that protection against the Delta variant wanes over time for both vaccinated and previously infected individuals and that an additional dose restores protection,” Yair Goldberg, an associate professor at the Israel Institute of Technology who led the pre-print study (pdf), told The Epoch Times in an email.

Though the levels of antibodies go down in both the naturally immune and vaccinated as time elapses since recovery or getting a shot, both groups enjoy long-lasting protection against severe disease or death.

People who are immune have a 90 percent lower risk of severe disease, according to recent research from Qatar.

The naturally immune, though, are better protected against both infection and severe disease, according to a large body of research that includes the latest study from Israel.

“If you had COVID before and recovered, all the data that we’re looking at will suggest that you have bulletproof natural immunity, which is much more robust and comprehensive than vaccine immunity,” Dr. Paul Alexander, an epidemiologist with the Early COVID Care Experts who has compiled 141 studies on natural immunity—including a major study from Israel published in August—told The Epoch Times.

“There is little benefit from getting vaccinated after recovery from COVID,” Dr. Harvey Risch, an epidemiology professor at the Yale School of Public Health, told The Epoch Times in an email.

Alexander noted that some studies indicate giving recovered patients a vaccine can lead to a higher rate of adverse events and that such events reported to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System is higher than other vaccines.

NOTE: This preprint reports new research that has not been certified by peer review and should not be used to guide clinical practice.

Why are those of us who’ve been infected with the CCP virus not allowed to talk about natural immunity? Why are the naturally immune not exempt from authoritarian vaccination mandates? And what about those of us with natural immunity who have a higher percentage of antibodies than those who were vaccinated six months ago with a COVID jab? Why would Dr. Fauci Evil,  Joe Biden, and his regime discount our natural immunity? Could lawmakers be standing down on the issue of forced vaccinations because over two-thirds of them receive political contributions from big pharma? Does anyone care that in the first half of 2021, Pfizer and Moderna Inc. reported a collective $18 billion for their vaccines? Does anyone care that we can’t seem to get a straight story from anyone about a virus from communist China that shut down our economy, destroyed businesses, and gave Democrats an excuse to implement mail-in-voting, the most corrupt system of voting in the history of the United States of America?

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