NASCAR Driver Ricky Bobby of “Talladega Nights” To Headline Huge “Let’s Go Brandon” Festival In Brandon Twp, MI

 On Saturday, the Trump Unity Bridge will roll into Brandon Twp. MI to kick off the “Let’s Go Brandon” Festival, a celebration of the America First agenda.

This time, however, Rob Cortis, the owner of the Trump Unity Bridge, won’t be behind the wheel. Instead, the person who’ll be driving his truck that pulls the instant Trump party is none other than the iconic NASCAR driver Ricky Bobby.

Rob Cortis, a personal friend of patriot Ricky Bobby, asked him to be the guest of honor at the “Let’s Go Brandon” Festival in the small town of Brandon, MI. on Saturday, November 20th from 1-4 PM ET.

The Let’s Go Brandon phenomenon began at a NASCAR race when an NBC reporter was trying to interview the winner of the NASCAR race, driver Brandon Brown when the chant “F— Joe Biden” chant was that was frequently heard at sporting events broke out.

The reporter tried desperately to distract by saying the crowd was chanting “Let’s go, Brandon” when it was clearly not the case. Next, she tried to talk over the chants, but that didn’t work either.

The less offensive “Let’s Go Brandon” chant quickly replaced the popular chant. The meaning is the same; it’s just a little more “G” rated.  

Nine years after Ricky Bobby Treadway won the 1997 Indy 500 NASCAR race, the iconic movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby was released.

Here’s a vintage video of his incredible victory:

In addition to Ricky Bobby’s guest appearance, the “Let’s Go Brandon” Festival will include live entertainment, food trucks, “Let’s Go Brandon” merchandise, and more. The rally will be held at Crossman Park, located at 437 Mill Street in Ortonville, MI.

Let’s Go Brandon fest participants are asked to bring American flags, handmade signs (always in good taste), or just attend to make their voice heard.  The event will be held rain or shine, so dress for the weather.  The Trump Unity Bridge is expected to participate. Go HERE to donate to the Trump Unity Bridge or to purchase Trump and “Let’s Go Brandon” merchandise. 

America First supporters will be energized by the Let’s Go Brandon fest and will learn tips about how we—as voters—-need to do a better job in who we elect in 2022,” said Marian Sheridan, Grassroots Vice-Chair for the Michigan Republican Party.” Let’s Go Brandon rallies like this one are symbolic of the discontent about the many political failures that are on full display.  

Polling shows the vast majority of Americans understand that their country is going in the wrong direction, said Rosanne Ponkowski, President of Michigan Conservative Coalition. “The Let’s Go Brandon phrase has become a popular way to politely communicate that Americans are fed up with Washington, D.C.”  

NASCAR Driver Ricky Bobby of “Talladega Nights” To Headline Huge “Let’s Go Brandon” Festival In Brandon Twp, MI NASCAR Driver Ricky Bobby of “Talladega Nights” To Headline Huge “Let’s Go Brandon” Festival In Brandon Twp, MI Reviewed by Your Destination on November 17, 2021 Rating: 5

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